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With the arrival of 2020, we wish you all a happy new year from Meditravelist, where we will begin a new decade. Some part of the world is celebrated and some part is preparing to celebrate. We are planning to share with you some news about the New Year celebrations in our world.

As the world prepares to celebrate the end of 2019 and the advent of 2020, the beginning of the decade, with great enthusiasm, and even some celebrate, some sad events are likely to overshadow the coming of the new year.

Australia has launched a new decade in 2020 with spectacular harbour fireworks, as it struggles with record temperatures and is shaken by violent forest fires that could lead to mass evacuation in populated concentration centres, including Victoria.

New Zealand, Fiji, and Samoa welcomed 2020 with traditional celebrations at midnight, and with spectacular fireworks, eastern parts of Australia, particularly Melbourne and Sydney, celebrated the arrival of the New Year.

Tokyo, Pyongyang and Seoul also celebrated the arrival of the New Year at 15:00 UK time.

In contrast to Australia, Russia is experiencing the coldest day of the year with the heaviest snowfall of the last century and welcomes 2020 with snow landscapes.

Germany plans to celebrate the arrival of 2020 by temporarily cancelling special fireworks indicators due to its negative impact on climate change. Germany thus plans to draw attention to this reality.

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