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What is Neck Lift?

Due to aging, the amount of elastin and collagen under the skin decreases and the skin begins to loosen. Thus, the support and tightening function cannot be provided. When the tightness in muscle and adipose tissue decreases, the taut structure of the skin deteriorates. When the subcutaneous supportive tissue decreases, the distance between the skin and the bone membrane called “periosteum”, which forms the outer part of the bone tissue, increases. As a result of these changes, a saggy and loose skin usually appears on the neck and face with the effect of gravity.

The neck area is one of the most affected parts of the face without aging. Fat and sagging in the neck area causes the formation of a double chin. In this case, no matter how young the person is, he/she looks older than he/she is because of his/her double chin. A young, beautiful and energetic appearance is characterized by a tight and taut neck area. Moreover, sagging in the neck area is more noticeable than sagging around the eyes and cheeks. For this reason, women and men of different age groups who care about their appearance often prefer neck lift surgery.

Changes in the facial area, especially in the midline, jawline and jowl area, can cause aesthetic concerns. In addition to deep wrinkles on the face, skin sagging may occur on the cheeks, eyelids and cheekbones to varying degrees depending on the individual. Depending on the localization of the complaints in question, only the face, only the neck or both areas can be stretched.

The skin in the neck area is stretched by applying neck lift aesthetics to eliminate sagging in the neck area due to various reasons and to recover the skin in the area. Thanks to neck lift aesthetics, age-related sagging can be intervened and the skin in the region can have a smooth appearance.

It is usually a condition brought about by aging that the sagging that occurs as a result of different reasons in the neck skin becomes noticeable. Accordingly, the angle between the neck and chin may disappear. On the other hand, such problems can be seen at an earlier age in people who gain and lose too much weight and have a small and receding lower jaw. Skin abundance can be seen in people with excess weight, along with fat in the jowl area.

Why is Neck Lift Aesthetics Performed?

Neck lift aesthetics is a surgical procedure applied to have a better face and neck appearance. As a result of the surgery, the person can have a neck that is more suitable for facial contours and looks structurally tighter. On the other hand, many people may experience looseness or lines in the neck area due to aging. While this problem is caused by genetic factors in some people, looseness in the neck may occur in some people due to excessive weight gain and loss. In addition, it is possible for the skin to pile up, in other words, the appearance of a second chin under the chin. In addition, skin laxity called turkey neck and double track appearance may occur.

Thanks to neck lift aesthetics, it may be possible to eliminate the striated and sagging appearance in the neck area. In addition, reducing the accumulation under the chin, between the chin and neck

The angle can be revealed and the chin oval can gain prominence. In case of patient-specific need, neck lift aesthetics can be combined with facelift surgery.

Who is Neck Lift Aesthetics Suitable for?

Neck lift aesthetics can be applied to women and men with wrinkles in the neck area, neck type called turkey neck, protruding food, sagging salivary glands, muscle laxity and sagging problems.

What are the Types of Neck Lift Aesthetics?

Neck lift aesthetics can be applied by using neck lift techniques that shape the deep neck structures such as neck lift through facelift, deep plan neck lift, open midline neck lift, neck lift through under the chin and neck lift techniques that shape the deep neck structures. Only liposuction procedure can be applied to shape the neck. However, liposuction and chin tip advancement techniques can be combined.

Operation Process

Neck lift surgery is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. An incision is made extending from the front of the patient’s ear to the earlobe, then turning behind the ear. Thus, the skin of the face and neck is released. The soft tissue of the face, which contains the facial mimic muscles, is suspended upwards with sutures. The excess skin is removed. The remaining part is fixed by sewing it to the incision made in front of and behind the ear. In cases where fat needs to be removed from the jowl area under the chin, liposuction procedure can be utilized.

The vertical bands in the neck area are freed by making 3 to 4 cm incisions under the chin and sewn together to form an inner corset in the neck. In cases where the sagging of the neck skin is very prominent and the lower jaw of the person is small and backward, the chin can be emphasized by placing a prosthesis on the chin tip during neck lift aesthetics. Thus, the patient’s facial profile can be restored very successfully.

Recovery Process

After neck lift aesthetics, swelling and bruising may be seen in the application area. This usually disappears spontaneously within a few days. In order to have a fast and healthy healing process after the surgery, the patient should not wear turtleneck clothes that have the risk of delaying the healing time by compressing the neck. Ice compresses may also be beneficial.

Sexual intercourse and heavy exercises should be avoided for at least 2 weeks after surgery. During the same period, skin care should not be applied and the neck area should not be moved too much. The postoperative healing process may vary depending on the patient. Although most people can return to work 10 days after the operation, approval must be obtained from the doctor for this. Another issue to be considered is to avoid baths, saunas and steam baths for the period specified by the doctor after the surgery. The patient should take care to use high protection factor sunscreens for at least 6 months following the surgery.

What are the Risks?

Like any surgery, neck lift aesthetics has some risks. Although rare, risks such as blood accumulation, bleeding, infection, prolonged swelling, skin irregularity, discoloration, numbness or skin sensitivity may occur.

Age Restriction

Although the person to undergo neck lift aesthetic surgery must have completed the age of 18, neck lift aesthetics is usually applied to people between the ages of 45 and 50. In this age group, sagging, wrinkles and double chin appearance may be more prominent due to aging.

Neck Lift Aesthetic Prices

Neck lift aesthetics is a comprehensive process that can be applied with different techniques and can be combined with methods such as liposuction. Neck lift aesthetic prices are determined depending on many different factors, especially the scope of the procedure to be applied to the patient and the preferred technique.

Alternatives to Neck Lift Surgery and Additional Treatments

Today, as the demand for plastic surgery increases, many people are turning to non-surgical methods to achieve a younger and better appearance. Alternatives and additional treatments to neck lift surgery include natural and minimally invasive methods that offer rejuvenation without surgical intervention. These include Botox, filler injections and radiofrequency treatment.


Neck Lift Treatment & Recovery Process

  • 2-3 hours
  • 1 day (Before the operation)
  • 4-6 days (After the operation)
  • 6-12 months

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