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Why Turkey?

The growth in medical tourism largely depends on professionals and technological improvements in medicine, reducing the waiting time for treatment, and decreasing the costs for travel and treatment.

In Turkey, prices of diagnostic services and treatment without compromising on high quality and excellent level of success are much lower than in most countries.

Nowadays, Turkey is the most preferred country for health services and tourism among almost all countries around the world due to its geographical location, quality of service and reasonable prices. Turkey has become a leading country in medical treatments with its high professional and well-experienced physicians, in recent years.

Turkey is a country easily accessible from many countries, especially European and Middle Eastern countries in a very short time by plane. Many famous cities in Turkey have international airports.

Turkey is also one of the most attractive and famous touristic countries because of its marvellous nature, history, seashores, hotels, world-renowned beaches, and high-quality tourist services.

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