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Brazilian Butt Surgery (BBL Surgery) Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

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7 Days
operation info 2
Hospital Stay
1 Day
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Operation Duration
2-4 Hours
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general anesthesia
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Recovery Duration
7-15 Months
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Follow Up Visit
6-7th Day

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WARNING The duration of treatment and trecovery time after the treatment may vary from patients to patients. The above information includes estimated values prepared for patients from abroad.

What is Brazilian butt lift (BBL)?

Brazilian butt lift (BBL) is a plastic surgery procedure that is performed by transferring excess fat from different parts of the body (such as abdomen, hips, waist or thighs) without using implants to size and shape the hips.

Fats are taken from the areas that impair the aesthetics of the body by the liposuction method and carefully transferred to the hips to gain the desired size and shape. Thus, both the butt and other parts of the body are given an aesthetic appearance.

It is necessary to have enough fat in your body in order to perform this surgery and to give the desired size and shape to the buttock.

How is BBL performed in Turkey?

Brazilian Butt Lift is a surgical procedure performed under general anesthesia. First of all, the fats are collected in a container by being sucked through a cannula by the liposuction method from the predetermined areas where the fats are excessive, which impairs the aesthetic appearance.

Very small incisions are made on the skin in these areas where the fats will be sucked, so that the cannula can entry, and these incisions are sutured after the fat is sucked. Drains are placed here to drain the bleeding and fluids that may occur in the form of leakage.

Similarly, small incisions are made in the butt skin to allow the entry of cannulas. After sucked fat is purified, it is carefully transferred through cannulas to the butt in order to give the determined size and shape. Afterwards, drains are placed here as well.

You will also be given a compression garment to cover the treated areas and will be instructed to continue using this garment for a period of time. Drains are withdrawn when the outflow of fluid ends.

Who is a good candidate for Brazilian Butt Lift?

Brazilian butt lift is a great plastic surgery method for those who want to improve the shape and size of the hips. However, not everyone can be a candidate for this procedure. You may benefit from the BBL procedure if you have the following characteristics:

  • If you want an implant-free hip augmentation
  • If you have a good skin tone on the hips
  • If you have enough fat stores that can be transferred to the hips from other regions
  • If you are conscious that you cannot sit directly on your hips for several weeks
  • If you have realistic expectations about the surgery, recovery, and results

If you are bothered by excess, saggy skin on the hip or thigh area, a combination of thigh and butt lift surgery may also be a suitable option.

What is the difference between a Brazilian Butt Lift and a Traditional Butt Lift?

Traditional Butt Lift

A traditional butt lift is a surgical procedure that involves removing excess fat from the buttock and/or correcting sagging skin (caused by other causes such as weight loss, genetic, aging, and excessive sun exposure). This procedure is applied to make the butt look firmer and younger.

Since this procedure is a complex and long-term operation, it will be performed under general anaesthesia. The plastic surgeon will create incisions on the buttocks and remove excess skin and fat. These surgical incisions can be made in four different ways (Upper buttock lift, Butterfly buttock lift, Lateral buttock lift, and Lower buttock lift) depending on aesthetic requirements.

The surgeon then tightens the underlying muscles by placing stitches deep into the tissues to hold the butt in a newly elevated position and create a smoother surface on the skin. Afterwards, these incisions are sutured and the procedure is terminated.

Traditional butt lift has its pros and cons. We can list the advantages of traditional butt lift surgery as follows:

  • Those who develop butt sagging due to reasons such as weight loss, aging, gravity and genetic factors generally benefit more from traditional butt lift surgery.
  • Those with extremely saggy skin, who are at risk of fatal infections, may have better results.
  • By removing excess saggy skin, firmness and smooth appearance is provided in the buttock.
  • After traditional butt lift surgery, it is possible to perform physical activities and exercises without difficulty.
  • If you want the butt to be more shaped, better results can be obtained by combining this surgery with hip implants.

We can list the disadvantages of traditional butt lift surgery as follows:

  • Traditional butt lift surgery is a highly invasive surgical procedure.
  • Depending on the surgical incisions, scars will remain. If you do not want scarring, you will not be a good candidate for this surgical procedure.
  • The full results of traditional butt lift surgery are not visible immediately after the procedure. It may take as long as several weeks or months for full results to appear.
  • You may be away from work for a long time (at least 2 weeks) due to the long surgical process and recovery period of traditional butt lift surgery.
  • There may be pain and discomfort for a few days after traditional butt lift surgery. Normally, pain relievers can help.
  • You may also experience significant weight loss after surgery and there may be a risk of sagging buttocks again.

Brazilian butt lift

bbl butt surgery

Brazilian butt lift is one of the common plastic surgery applications used for women who want to have more shaped, prominent and fuller buttocks to improve the appearance of the buttocks.

The BBL surgical procedure consists of three stages: removal of fat, purification of fat by decantation and centrifugation, and transfer of fat to the buttock. Generally, only 30-35 percent of the fat to be transferred to the butt consists of healthy and undamaged fat cells.

BBL surgery has also its pros and cons. BBL advantages are as follows:

  • It uses purified body fat to enhance your rear ends, giving butts a more natural appearance.
  • With BBL surgery, the butts are properly shaped, they will look more shaped and protruding.
  • BBL surgery is a relatively less risky surgery as there are no major incisions and removal of excess skin on the buttocks as in traditional butt lift surgery.

As with any surgical procedure, there are advantages as well as disadvantages:

  • One of the disadvantages of BBL surgery is that if you do not have enough fat in your body, you will lose the chance to have this surgery.

Traditional Butt Lift and BLL surgery have common risks and complications (as with most other plastic surgery procedures: infection, abnormal scarring, reabsorbed fat and fat emboli risk, fluid accumulation [seroma], excessive bleeding, tissue necrosis, loss of skin sensation, blood clotting, numbness in the buttocks, postop severe swelling, nausea and disorientation [because of general anaesthesia], allergic reaction to medications, general discomforts, swollen veins, suture complications, and revision surgery or additional procedures [late complication]):

  • You are more exposed to such risks and complications (mentioned above), if you have diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disorder or immune deficiency disorders. 
  • Smoking can adversely affect both of these procedures, as in other aesthetic surgeries. 

Therefore, if you have such diseases or habits, you should inform your surgeon beforehand. Because most of these risks can be reduced or avoided by following the surgeon’s instructions before and after surgery. 

Traditional Butt Lift and BLL surgery have also common disadvantages: Specifically for these two procedures, you should avoid sitting and lying on your back for the first two weeks after surgery.

How Much Does BBL Surgery Cost in Turkey?

In recent years, Turkey has become one of the most popular destinations with competitive prices due to differences in exchange rates and lower cost of high-quality healthcare services than in the USA, UK and other European countries. BBL is USD 6500-12000 in the USA, EUR 4500-9000 in Germany, GBP 6250-8000 in the UK, while it varies between USD 2500-7900 in Turkey. With these prices, Turkey offers 60-70% lower price advantages compared to the USA, UK and other European countries.

As in every field of aesthetic surgery, Turkey has successful plastic surgeons, most of whom are European board certified, in BBL surgeries. Especially Istanbul is one of the centres where successful plastic surgeons are most concentrated. It has the diversity of serving individuals from all walks of life, with different price advantages (resulting from the quality levels of the hospitals, accommodation and transfer services). 

The wide gap between the prices in Turkey and other countries is due to the diversity of health, accommodation and transfer services fees (this diversity is higher in Turkey) excluding this plastic surgeon fee. However, the number of liposuction donor areas also contributes to the increase in the price and the widening of the price range.

Why You Should Perform BBL in Istanbul Turkey

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Besides the low prices in Turkey for BBL, Istanbul has a lot of natural and historical beauties. From the past, Istanbul hosted a lot of different folks and empires. When you travel for your BBL surgery, you will learn about different cultures and living at the same time. You will see many historical places. So, this will be not only a therapeutic journey for you, but also a beautiful historical trip.

Istanbul also offers you many accommodation options suitable for your budget. If you wish to stay in 5-star hotels, they offer many Turkish things to do such as Turkish bath or local Turkish entertainments. Or you can prefer a boutique hotel and enjoy the natural beauties of Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the best places to be preferred for BBL surgery. Because it offers very good activities both before and after the procedure. Performing the procedure accelerates the recovery process of the patient and the patient quickly returns to his daily activities. You can stay in hotels with a view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, or if you wish, you can join the boat tours organized on the Bosphorus. Istanbul is the most developed city in Turkey and it is possible to see this development in every area from shopping to transportation.

Another reason why Istanbul is preferred is that Europe’s most experienced doctors in their fields are in Istanbul. Thousands of patients from all over the world come to Istanbul for BBL surgery annually. According to 2020 data, Istanbul is the second most preferred city in Europe for aesthetic surgeries, including BBL surgery. The equipment of the centre should be sufficient as well as the experienced doctors. The centres in Istanbul have state-of-the-art equipment and therefore transactions are carried out in a completely safe environment.

Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL Surgery) in İstanbul Turkey Before&After

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