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Gastric Balloon Operation Details Istanbul Turkey

operation info 1
1-2 Days
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Hospital Stay
0 Day
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Operation Duration
0,2 Hours
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general anesthesia
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Recovery Duration
2-3 Months
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Follow Up Visit
0 Day

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WARNING The duration of treatment and trecovery time after the treatment may vary from patients to patients. The above information includes estimated values prepared for patients from abroad.

What Is Gastric Balloon & How It Is Applied?

Gastric balloon is a procedure that describes the placement of a medical balloon in your stomach. In that way, the patient needs less food to be full. The procedure does not interfere with the digestive tract. Therefore, the possibility of developing complications in the patient is very low. In addition, since the medical balloon does not contain an inorganic substance, the body does not reject or react to the balloon. Therefore, many patients with obesity, or obesity-related health issue such as gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), or type 2 diabetes choose gastric balloon procedure to lose weight.

The procedure is quite easy to implement. A medical balloon filled with saline is placed down your throat and into your stomach. The balloon is placed in your stomach endoscopically with a long, thin tube called a catheter with a camera at the end. Because there is no surgical intervention in gastric balloon procedure, outpatient protocols are applied. The procedure generally takes about 30 minutes and the patient can go home 1 to 2 hours after the procedure.

How Many Pounds Can Be Lost with Gastric Balloon?

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As you know, there is no miraculous result of any bariatric surgery. So, the most important thing is to stay disciplined and make healthier choices. If you change your lifestyle, you can lose 7 to 50 percent of your weight within the first six months after the procedure. You can lose 60 percent of your body weight 12 months after the procedure. The patient’s weight loss rate may decrease over time, but it does not stop completely.

You should follow a clear liquid diet until 6 hours after the procedure. You should continue the liquid diet until the second week after the procedure. After the second week, you can start consuming soft foods. Patients start to eat normally in the third week usually.

Types of Intragastric Balloon

The choice of balloon type is another important decision that you and your doctor will make. There are six main types of intragastric balloons named Orbera, ReShape Duo, Obalon, Heliosphere, Spatz and Elipse. Three of them, Orbera, ReShape Duo and Spatz, are filled with saline. Your doctor will decide best balloon for you.

All types of intragastric balloons except Spatz and Elipse have a usage period of 6 months. Generally, Spatz using for 12 months and Elipse for 4 months.

How Is the Balloon Placed into The Stomach?

Different types of intragastric balloons have different ways of insertion into the stomach. The Obalon and Elipse are suitable for swallowing and are placed in the stomach by the patient’s swallowing. The other types are placed into the stomach endoscopically through by catheter.

Placing intragastric balloons in the stomach is a fairly simple procedure. During this procedure, the patient is anesthetized. In other words, the patient does not feel any pain or suffering. Even after the procedure!


Why Is It Preferred More Than Other Types of Weight Loss Surgery?

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Gastric balloon procedure is one of the most preferred weight loss procedures because it does not create any scar tissue and can be applied easily. Also, the recovery period after the procedure is very short. So, you get back to your daily life quickly. Without any scar tissue and stitches, you will be completely free to do anything but eat less.

Gastric Balloon Cost UK vs Turkey

Having a gastric balloon procedure in Turkey is also cheaper than in many European countries. For example, the procedure costs an average of 7000$ in the UK when it costs just 2500-3000$ in Turkey.

Also, transportation and accommodation costs are much lower in Turkey than the UK. Many health tourism centres offer different kinds of packages including whole accommodation in Turkey with your family and transportation from your country to Turkey.

Why You Should Perform Gastric Balloon Surgery in Istanbul, Turkey?

Besides the low prices in Turkey, Istanbul has a lot of natural and historical beauties. From the past, Istanbul hosted a lot of different folks and empires. When you travel for your health, you will learn about different cultures and living at the same time. You will see many structures that have a history behind like mosques, bridges and statues. So, this will be not only a therapeutic journey for you, but also a beautiful historical trip.

And of course, Istanbul has a lot of accommodation options. If you wish to stay in 5-star hotels, they offer many Turkish things to do such as Turkish baths or local Turkish entertainments. Or you can prefer a boutique hotel and enjoy the natural beauties of Istanbul.

Istanbul is one of the best places to be preferred for gastric balloon procedure. Because it offers very good activities both before and after the procedure. Performing the procedure endoscopically accelerates the recovery process of the patient and the patient quickly returns to his daily activities. You can stay in hotels with a view of the Bosphorus in Istanbul, or if you wish, you can join the boat tours organised on the Bosphorus. Istanbul is the most developed city in Turkey and it is possible to see this development in every area from shopping to transportation.

Another reason why Istanbul is preferred is that Europe’s most experienced doctors in their fields are in Istanbul. Thousands of patients from all over the world come to Istanbul for gastric balloon surgery annually. According to 2020 data, Istanbul is the second most preferred city in Europe for aesthetic surgeries, including gastric balloon surgery. The equipment of the centre should be sufficient as well as the experienced doctors. The centres in Istanbul have state-of-the-art equipment and therefore transactions are carried out in a completely safe environment.

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