Facial Lifting with Fat injection


The fat injection is an application for reducing wrinkles, acne scars, and collapsed areas. The patient’s own body fat is injected and successfully filled in even deep wrinkles and other marks. The fat has no side effects and its effect is also long-lasting unlike other fillers.

The fat injection is also applied for other facial procedures such as face and eyebrow lifting. It is applied under local anaesthesia. After being extracted from the body of the patient with a sucking cannula, the fat is centrifuged to be purified and then injected in the area to be filled.

After fat injection, the patient can immediately go back to the normal routine life. Healing may vary depending on the type of fat, of the skin, and the amount and quality of the sucked fat.

After fat injection, several complications such as infections, dermoid cyst, bleeding, swelling and bruises may rarely occur in the filling area, as in all surgical procedures.

Facial Fat Injection Treatment & Recovery Process

  • 1 day (Before the operation)
  • 3 days (After the operation)

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