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Eyebrows can fell down by aging and cause a tired, angry, frown, and old look on the face. Botox is a frequently preferred method which does not leave any mark or scar and it is also easy and painless compared to surgery. Its effect lasts about 9-20 months. It is usually preferred by patients who do not want any incisions or stitches on their face.

Eyebrow lift surgery is also widely preferred by patients having this kind of eyebrow problems. Bruises and swelling resulting from surgical procedures disappear in about one week. With surgical procedures, the results of the eyebrow lifting lasts longer compared to Botox.

What is Brow Lift Aesthetics?

Brow lift aesthetics, also known as forehead lift, is performed to give the forehead and eyes a more energetic and rejuvenated appearance. Within the scope of the surgical procedure, the goal is to bring the brows back to their normal shape and position. Brow lift aesthetics can alter facial expressions and gestures, allowing individuals to achieve a more charismatic and impactful look.


Various factors such as aging, stress, smoking, and the harmful effects of sunlight can lead to sagging, loosening, and loss of elasticity in the skin and subcutaneous tissues. Fine lines that appear in the forehead region in the early stages can deepen over time. Additionally, the skin may sag, causing the brows to descend over the eyes, resulting in a tired and aged facial expression. Neurotoxin applications can temporarily block the movement of the subcutaneous muscles, preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles in the forehead. Reducing the activity of the muscles pulling down the brows can also create a slight lifting effect. However, as skin laxity increases over time, effective results from neurotoxin applications may diminish, leading to consideration of surgical procedures.

Why is Brow Lift Aesthetics Performed?

As facial tissues lose elasticity due to aging, sagging occurs, especially in the forehead and brow areas. Forehead and brows may shift downward over the eyelids. Horizontal lines on the forehead can give a person a sleepy, unhappy, and tired appearance. Brow lift procedures can achieve a more energetic and rejuvenated look in the eyes and forehead. When combined with eyelid aesthetics, which focuses on the eye area, these procedures can provide a longer-lasting youthful effect on both the eyelids and brow and forehead regions.


It is important to note that there is no standardized ‘best brow lift method’ since the most suitable method varies based on individual needs, expectations, structural characteristics, and the current condition of the target area.

Who is Suitable for Brow Lift Aesthetics?

The forehead, brow, and eye areas are among the first regions where signs of aging become apparent. The appearance of lower-set brows can contribute to a older and more tired appearance. Brow lift aesthetics, involving various surgical and non-surgical methods, is performed to address visible signs of aging caused by sagging in these areas. Brow lift aesthetics may be considered in the following situations:

– Sagging or drooping of the brows for various reasons, resulting in an older, tired, or sad facial expression.
– Increased horizontal wrinkles on the forehead.
– Presence of lines between or above the brows that create a frowning appearance.
– Restriction of the field of vision due to the pressure exerted by the brows.
– Lack of harmony in brow positioning with the overall facial expression.

Types of Brow Lift Aesthetics

Over time, the brow area may experience sagging and changes in appearance, prompting the application of brow lift procedures to lift and rejuvenate the region. Brow lift aesthetics can be performed through surgical and non-surgical methods. The choice of method is determined after an individual evaluation of the patient. Surgical methods include brow lift with threads, classic brow lift, and endoscopic brow lift. Non-surgical methods encompass Botox, fillers, focused ultrasound, and fractional radiofrequency.


Brow lift with threads, performed under local anesthesia, involves making a small incision at the front border of the hairline. Threads are passed through this incision to lift the brows to the desired position. The longevity of this method varies based on individual muscle use patterns, generally lasting between 6 months to 2 years.


Endoscopic brow lift, performed under local or general anesthesia, involves creating small incisions in different points of the hairy skin. This method, facilitated by an endoscope, does not leave visible scars, and the recovery process is quick and comfortable.


Classic brow lift or forehead lift involves removing a portion of the hairy skin from the forehead area, resulting in tensioning of the region. However, the long stitch lines within the hairy skin may lead to widening and periods without hair.


Among non-surgical methods, Botox is one of the most commonly applied procedures. A brow shape harmonious with the patient’s face is designed, and Botox is injected to prevent excessive muscle movement while allowing natural brow movements. The duration of the procedure’s effectiveness varies individually but typically ranges from 4 to 6 months.


Filler injection involves injecting filler material in specific doses to certain points, providing a lift to the brows and achieving a more vibrant, youthful, and dynamic appearance.


Focused ultrasound involves applying electromagnetic sound waves to the brow areas, causing the skin tissue to heat up. The stimulation of the self-renewal reflex in the tissues leads to self-healing, potentially eliminating brow sagging.


Fractional radiofrequency entails making micro-needle entries into designated areas of the brow region. This non-damaging method encourages increased collagen and elastin, potentially addressing sagging.

Recovery Process

The recovery process after brow lift surgery may vary depending on the chosen procedure. Non-surgical procedures generally have shorter recovery periods. Swelling may occur in the application area after surgical procedures, and applying cold compresses can help reduce swelling. Some numbness in the forehead region and difficulty moving the forehead and brows may be experienced for a while after the operation. It is recommended to maintain the head above heart level while sleeping for the first three weeks after the surgery. Additionally, avoiding heavy exercises for the initial three weeks is advised.


Various risks may arise as a result of brow lift surgery. These include general anesthesia risks, bleeding and hematoma, wound healing problems, infection, sensory loss, or sensory changes, asymmetry, and an unnatural appearance. Seeking services from experienced and specialized doctors can minimize these risks, as with any medical aesthetic and cosmetic surgical procedures.

Brow Lift Aesthetics Prices

The prices of brow lift aesthetics may vary based on the scope of the procedure, the chosen method, the doctor’s expertise, and the pricing policy of the clinic where the surgery is performed.

At What Age is Brow Lift Surgery Performed?

The minimum age for brow lift surgery is 18. However, it is generally preferred to perform brow lift surgery on individuals over the age of 35. The longevity of brow lift methods can vary based on the applied technique. While surgical methods aim to provide permanent results, non-surgical methods may need to be repeated over time.

When brow lift surgery is performed by a doctor who is experienced and specialized in the field, it does not affect the individual’s ability to make brow lift movements. With proper planning and application of brow lift, natural and successful results can be achieved in both men and women.


WARNING The duration of treatment and the recovery time after the treatment may vary from patients to patients. The above information includes estimated values prepared for patients from abroad.

Operation duration
  • 1 hour
  • 0 day
  • 1 day (Before the operation)
  • 3 days (After the operation)
  • 4 day
  • 1-2 days
  • 6-12 months

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