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Steps to Follow

1. Contact us and upload the medical test reports and diagnostic imaging films from your past medical procedures.
2. Price options for your treatment / cost estimations of the treatment
3. Estimated Cost of Check-up / Operation / Services
4. Scheduling of the treatment appointments
5. Flight Tickets, hotel reservations, airport and hospital transfer arrangements
6. Short- & long-term apartment rental
7. Arrival to Turkey
8. Airport Pick-up Services
9. Accommodation Placement Services
10. Transfers from hotel to hospital
11. Consultation with medical specialists
12. Payment
13. Hospital admission
14. Treatment or Operation
15. Discharge and follow-up process
16. Recovery Period / Daily city or Turkey tour and Excursion programs
17. Airport Drop-off Services
18. Returning home

Medical Consultation (free)

Free Medical AnalysisRequired Treatment ReportEstimated Cost of Check-up / Operation / ServicesAppointment Arrangement with Doctors / Hospitals

Logistics and Accommodation Services (free)

Flight Ticket ArrangementsAccommodation Placement ServicesHotel reservations or short- & long-term rental apartment arrangementsRental Car ArrangementsTemporarily Cell Phone Account

Airport Pick-up Services

Airport Drop-off Services

Door-to-Door Transfers (from hotel to hospital and from hospital to hotel, half or full-day)

Transportation for Tours and Excursions

Information Services (free)

Maps (City Map, from accommodation place to the hospital)What’s-on brochures (what’s happening in the city, free pamphlets)Guides (about the hospital, procedures, city, etc.)

Communication Services (free

24/7 Emergency LineProfessional Guiding & Interpreter services- During Airport Pick-up- During Check-up & Operation– After Operation

Tours and Excursions

Pre-Treatment Relaxation Trips

Post-Treatment Relaxation Trips

Customized Tours and Trips​

Private Duty Nursing Service

Daily Perioperative Caregiver Service

Daily Perioperative

Air and ground ambulance services

Private jet and helicopter services if required from first to the last step of your medical treatment



How to Contact Us

Please contact us by filling in the contact form here, and let us know in your own language what type of a medical treatment you need.

Please upload your medical test reports and diagnostic films from your past medical procedures, if applicable, in order to get them reviewed by experienced medical doctors.

Treatment Planning Process

We will do all the research to offer you the best alternative options for hospitals, treatment and prices.

You will receive shortly a detailed suitable treatment plan, cost estimates of the hospitals we work with and duration of stay in Turkey.

You will have access to and compare any information of all treatment centers and the medical technologies and all price options about their treatment.

Your medical appointments will be scheduled according to your confirmation depending on the hospital you prefer, accommodation reservations will be done at nearby hotels or short-term stay apartments.

Plane tickets are supplied by patients, but we can help you supplying them if requested.

If the patient’s health condition does not allow a regular flight, we can collect the patient    from his location by an air ambulance.

If the patient needs to stay in a hotel before or after the treatment starts, hotel reservations will be made upon request.

We have a number of contracted hotels located close to the hospitals. Patients can choose from alternative hotels in line with their budget.

We will arrange your airport-hotel-hospital transfers in line with your travel and medical appointment arrangements.

A mobile phone and a line are given to you during the treatment process to contact us.

Treatment Process

We pick the patients up from their hotel and transport to the hospital on the day of the operation.

An assistant who can speak your language well will be next to you and will follow the whole treatment process along with you. The assistant will assist you till the day back home.

We will be ready to help you at all stages of your treatment on a 24/7 basis.

Discharge and follow-up process

We make the necessary organizations for patients’ discharge from the hospital on the day of patients’ planned discharge.

We inform patients about the control appointments and post-operative care plan before they leave the hospital.

We organize tours and excursions to show the cultural and natural beauties of Turkey if you desire.

Departure from Turkey

We arrange patients’ transportation to the airport.

After the Treatment

Patients may contact us any time after they return back to their country for post-treatment support.



Acıbadem Fulya Hospital, Beşiktaş

Memorial Hospital, Şişli

Memorial Hospital, Bahçelievler

Estetik International, Şişli

Reyap Hospital, Esenyurt

Gaziosmapaşa Hospital of Yeniyuzyıl University, Gaziosmanpaşa

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