tooth filling is a procedure that restores the teeth damaged by decay


Tooth filling is a dental application for broken tooth or tooth with decay. Nowadays, with the improvement of dentistry and dental products, new techniques and treatment methods with new dental materials have begun to be applied. These new tooth filling techniques are used not only for treatment, but also for aesthetic dental applications. They are used instead of dental amalgam which is a mercury-based dental filling. Aesthetic tooth fillings are less harmful than dental amalgam filling.

They can be applied in two different ways:  composite white filling (tooth filling with laser) and porcelain filling (inlay and onlay filling).

Composite filling has been mostly used for restoring the front teeth for many years. However, with the invention of high durability composite materials, nowadays it is also used for the back teeth. Contrary to amalgam filling, composite filling has some advantages such as; shorter application time (about half an hour) is needed, more dental composite filling can be applied on the same day and different color tones can be chosen. The filling material is hardened by a light source (laser). Composite fillings last 5-6 years like amalgam fillings.

Prices for these aesthetic fillings may vary according to the size and extra treatment requirements of the filling area and the number of the teeth.

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