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FAQ (Bariatric Surgery)

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Sleeve gastrectomy, which is also known as stomach reduction surgery, is a laparoscopic surgery method.

Obesity surgery is primarily performed for the following reasons: insulin resistance type 2 diabetes mellitus, sleep apnea, coronary heart disease, joint disorders and risk of developing cancer. Obesity surgery is recommended for patients above 40 of BMI or ranges of 35-40 of BMI and for those with one of these additional diseases. Aesthetic concerns should be secondary.

A wide range of pre-operative check-ups (including laboratory tests, radiology, psychiatry, cardiology, internal medicine, obstetrics, urology and anesthesia consultations) are performed. Check-up takes 2-3 days. After approval by the Council, 2-3 days diet (especially for overseas patients) is applied before the surgical procedure.

Complications are few, and most importantly, anastomotic leakage (1-2%).

The operation lasts 1.5-2 hours.

The patient should be mobilized 4-5 hours after the operation. The patient is asked to take liquid food for 2-3 weeks after discharge and then it is recommended to pass light solid foods (breakfast types, vegetable dishes). Overseas patients must stay for a total of two weeks before and after surgery.

Sleeve Gastrectomy

Weight loss occurs for two reasons: 1- Because the stomach volume is reduced, an early feeling of satiety occurs and causes a small amount of eating. 2- Since the ghrelin hormone-secreted localization (gastric fundus) is surgically removed, the sense of hunger decreases and this leads to eating less.

Gastric Botox

Gastric Botox is an endoscopic procedure performed in patients with an excess of 15-20 kg.

You don’t feel pain because you will be under anaesthesia during the process of gastric Botox.

The process takes 15-20 min.

You can return to your daily life after 1 hour.

The majority of patients (80-85%) can lose 10-15 kg with gastric Botox. 10-15% of patients, because the patient does not follow the rules or because of Botox application (less frequently), lose less weight.

Gastric Balloon

The gastric balloon is an endoscopic procedure performed in patients whose weight is 30 to 40 kg higher than normal.

You don’t feel pain because you will be under anaesthesia during the process of gastric balloon.

The process takes 15-20 min.

After one day in the hospital, drug treatment is planned and you are discharged.

You can lose 30-40 kg with this procedure.

There are two kinds of gastric balloon application: 6 months and 12 months.

6-month gastric balloon application is sufficient to provide a weight loss of 25-30 kg.

No complications; however, very few people may experience nausea and cramping pain lasting 7-10 days.