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Good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist, Istanbul, Turkey. That time has come again to share the various things that are happening around us.

Today we go straight to Danny Baker, a broadcaster. Danny Baker has offered sincere apologies for a stupid unthinking gag on twitter about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s new baby. The now deleted put up by Danny Baker had been circulated on social media, it showed an image of a couple holding hands with a chimpanzee dressed in clothing and a caption saying “Royal baby leaves hospital”.

The presenter was accused of mocking the Duchess’s heritage, the 61-year-old presents a weekend show on 5live, the BBC has been asked for comment.

Just got some Breaking news!!, while doing this article, I have just got word that Danny Baker just got fired after the insensitive tweet that he sent about the Royal baby and directly mocking the Duchess and her heritage. The Duchess whose mother is African American. BBC has stepped in and fired the presenter for his chimpanzee tweet about the Royal baby.

Two men have died on separate incidents on the M62 motorway. These incidents both happened on the M62 close to Huddersfield.

The road was shut for more than ten hours, the first incident happened after a crash involving a motorbike and a man falling from a bridge on the M62.

The other one involved a motorcyclist crashing into a stationery vehicle near junction 24 on the M62 motorway. As a result of these incidents highway England closed the motorway between junctions 22 and 24, causing miles of tailbacks.

Fortnite season 9 sees cyberpunk style tilted towers rise from the ashes. After tilted towers suffered a death very dramatic, by volcano last week, it left many wondering whether the famous hotbed of sweats would ever be resurrected, to the joy of all the fans Fortnite season 9 is upon us and along with it the new version of tilted towers.

The season 9 update has gone live and there is a number of major changes to Fortnite. The most evident being, the addition of two new locations, Neo Tilted and a souped up version of Retail Row by the name Mega Mall. This updated version of Fortnite 9 promises to be very interesting.

Now on to football, Ajax vs Tottenham, Harry Kane has revealed what he told his teammates during inspirational half time team talk. Injured striker Harry Kane, paid a visit to the dressing room and helped to inspire his side, this saw them gaining a 3-2 victory over Ajax in the champions league semi-final this past Wednesday. During the half time during the Ajax vs Tottenham match Harry Kane did not mince his words, he made it very clear that their first half performance in Amsterdam was not good enough, helping to get a thrilling second half comeback, catapulting Tottenham to reach the Champions League final.

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