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A very good afternoon to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul Turkey, time to catch up on news around the world reporting events as they happen or just happened, today we will go across to Paris where French firefighters have won an hours long battle to save the main structure of the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, after a colossal fire caused the spire of the historic edifice to crash to the ground and wiped out centuries of heritage.

Anyone who has ever been to Paris has visited or known about this grand Notre Dame cathedral including those who have never been to France. The fire destroyed the roof of the eight hundred and fifty-year-old UNESCO world heritage landmark whose spectacular gothic spire collapsed in front of shocked onlookers.

The French Emmanuel Macron vowed that “we will rebuild the Notre Dame”, he also expressed relief that the worst had been avoided in a fire that had potential to destroy the whole edifice.

The cause has not yet been established but the Notre Dame cathedral has been undergoing some work which suspicion has it might be connected to the fire but that’s still to be confirmed.

CNN has reported out of Australia in the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks which saw 50 Moslems lose their life to a crazed gunman, CNN has reported that the kind of racist comments usually found in the darkest corners of the far right chat groups were suddenly stunningly coming from the keyboard of an Australian senator.

CNN can report that within hours of the 50 Moslems being slaughtered at the two mosques, Australian far right politician Fraser Anning had released a statement of what he called the real cause of the attack. Fraser Anning assigned this to the immigration programme that allowed fanatic Moslems to migrate to New Zealand in the first place.

Fraser Anning appeared two days later on a Sidney popular breakfast show telling listeners that he condemned the actions of the gunman but insisted that countries with Moslem migration have an escalation in violence. Experts have noted an increase in far right figures like Anning have found their way into mainstream media leading to normalisation of racism while encouraging far right groups to come out of the shadows.

The ongoing case of Lori Loughlin continues, it is reported that clothing designer Massimo Giannulli and actress wife Lori Loughlin entered not guilty pleas in Boston federal Court on Monday, they went on to waive their right to appear in court for an arraignment.

Massimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin are accused of paying 500 000 dollars in bribes arranged by admissions consultant William Rick Singer to get their daughter admitted to the University of Southern California,

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