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We start today with Marilyn Monroe, one of the most recognisable names around the world. Even after Marilyn Monroe passed on a long time ago, they are many who are still questioning the circumstances surrounding her death and events. A new documentary aired this Sunday on Fox News, it was looking at her death in more detail, with new details and interviews.

The new documentary on Marilyn Monroe will also cover the undeveloped camera film that features nude pictures of the model and actress in the hours after her death.

This week in the United States marks four hundred years since the first Africans were forcefully taken to the United States. To memorialize this history, African Americans in the excess of 200 made their way to Virginia, this was the 1st leg in a week long journey, retracing the steps of their ancestors, dubbed Jamestown 2 Jamestown.

Emotions were raw as the Jamestown 2 Jamestown delegation gathered at the historic Jamestown Visitor Centre, this is being carried out to symbolise their ancestors arrived in Point Comfort and Fort Monroe in the Jamestown area of Virginia.

The NAACP, alongside its partner, The Adinkra Group, put together a moving program which called upon attendees to reflect on the significance of the African history in America. Leon W. Russel in his speech said :”Today, we stand here as descendants empowered by the legacy, emboldened by the knowledge that we built this country, and enlightened from today’s experience, as crucial as it is for us to look at our history, today is a turning point for us, because we know we must forge a path ahead for the African American community in this democracy. “

The NAACP President and CEO echoed similar sentiments, calling attention to the stark reality African Americans face today.

The NAACP President touched on the President in the White House who calls into question their patriotism, when in fact, their ancestors built up the colonies with their bare hands, fought for the independence of the nation, and continue to fight for the protection of the union in every war since the revolutionary war.

And finally, Patrick Dempsey stepped out this past weekend for a good cause. Patrick Dempsey was joined this past Sunday by his wife, Jillian Fink and daughter Tallua at the American Cancer Society event in Los Angeles.

Patrick Dempsey’s happy family, was seen without Dempsey’s twin sons Sullivan and Darby, were all smiles at the event, the event was held at Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City. Patrick Dempsey is best known for his role as Derek Shepherd also known as McDreamy on ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy, in the years 2005 to 2016.

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