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Now they is one thing I must tell you guys this morning, “Game of Thrones”, has an almost cult like following within Meditravelist, it’s got us all buzzing with even more anticipation after watching the trailer for the long awaited season 8, Game of thrones is not only limited to us here at Meditravelist but the trailer in question has received more than eleven millions views by Tuesday afternoon, “Game of Thrones ” is not just one of the most popular shows on television but also one of the most acclaimed, winning an accolade for the best drama at the last Primetime Emmy Awards, 14th of April cannot come fast enough !

On to the big screen, call me a marvel addict but I can’t wait for “Captain Marvel” to hit the cinemas on March the 8th, I have followed and exhausted all the superwoman episodes and cannot wait for Carol Denvers in the role of Captain Marvel to hit the silver screen alongside Samuel L. Jackson, Annette Bening, Ben Mendelsohn and Jude Law, with a star packed cast like that I have a good feeling that Captain Marvel will be a success. I don’t know if any of you managed to catch the almost unbelievable story confirmed by Forbes on Kylie Jenner the half Khadashian sister who has become a the youngest billionaire, Kylie Jenner at 21 has managed to attain billionaire status before Mark Zuckerberg according to Forbes, now that is an astonishing achievement, one worth applauding for Kylie Jenner as Forbes were very specific in defining her as self-made, this is referring to a person or individual who made their money away from inheritance, at 21 the sky is the limit for this young entrepreneur.

Real Madrid have gone crashing out against Ajax, I know kind of painful to swallow but you need to keep in scope that Real Madrid has now lost four consecutive home games for the first time since 2004 unfortunately, I am confident that they will bounce back as they are a very strong team, they have however been eliminated from Europe’s premier club competition after three titles in a row, now in conclusion I would like to direct your attention to Jack Whitehall after throwing shade at Good morning Britain host Piers Morgan, more to the point Jack Whitehall fat shamed the host but found himself on the show and according to him it felt like being in the headmaster’s office when he came face to face with the host, Jack Whitehall continued to throw jibes at Morgan on the show but it was all good vibes as they both understood it was all in good fun.

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