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Good morning to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. I have been hearing complaints about how humid and clammy the weather is and I gotta side with those who are feeling like that unfortunately, in my case it left me longing for some rain to come and cool things down a bit.

This morning we will talk about the new offering from Samsung in the form of the Note 10.

The Samsung Note 10 is the new flagship handset from Samsung and cemented the alliance between Samsung and Microsoft. If you are able please visit the new Samsung flagship store, the store is in a sweeping modern space which sit spectacularly atop a Victorian cool yard near King’s Cross Station.

The demise of the Windows phone has signified a smattering of the Samsung galaxy android smartphones, which have versions of office. Samsung’s flagship store features living room settings for its impressive TVs, a kitchen for its smart appliances, a cafe workspace, auditorium and giant ever-changing displays.

Its phone demos explore augmented reality, virtual graffiti painting and 3D printing. This of course is a different experience to Microsoft’s, but with the Note 10, the two stores have moved closer as they find themselves three stops apart, on the Victoria line.

Onto some Newcastle United news, Steve Bruce relishes having local hero, Andy Carroll back at Newcastle United.

Andy Carroll finds himself back after departing Newcastle eight years ago. Andy Carroll has returned in a 11th hour move to the club. There is hope that Andy Carroll may pacify the militant element of their fanbase.

Andy Carroll, 30 years old, was a free agent after being released from West Ham, he has accepted a one-year contract offering a low basic wage supplemented by appearance and goal bonuses.

Thought recovering from an ankle surgery, Steve Bruce hopes to be able to involve him in a first team game, before next month’s international break.

We have to talk about the Bayern Munich versus FC Rottach Egem match. This match saw Bayern Munich romp its way to a brutal 23-0 victory over the amateur Rottach Egem. In the hallowed halls of media clichés, a gigantic football score of that magnitude is normally known as a cricket score. It was rotten luck for Rottach Egem who were made to look like amateurs against Bayern Munich because, well that’s what they are.

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