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Hi guys, it’s with a heavy heart that I announce the passing of Keith Flint, he was found dead on Monday at the tender age of 49 in Essex, England, Keith Flint a high octane founding member of the British dance act the prodigy, he is very recognizable for singing lead vocals on the massive hits “Firestarter” and “Breathe” and the ever so recognizable Mohawk. He is said to have killed himself sadly, this was announced by the main musician Liam Howlet on the band’s Instagram account, the death if Keith Flint has left the remaining band members very confused, angry and heartbroken.

We spoke about Luke Perry 52 who burst on the scene in 1990 as one of the crucial cast members of the iconic “Beverly Hills 90210”, he had a stroke on Wednesday and has been hospitalized in Los Angeles but sadly passed away on Monday, Luke Perry’s death was announced by his family, he will be greatly missed and our thoughts are with his family and friends in this difficult time, you will be missed Luke Perry.

Now moving on to international Women’s Day to celebrate this occasion Camden Town Brewery has created what it claims to be the 1st in the world football kit/ work of art which is to be worn by the local ladies side Camden Town FC., the shirts in commemoration on International Women’s Day have been hand painted by brewery’s seasonal design collaborator Bodil Jane, this is a very unique way to celebrate some of the inspirational women who have lived in and been influenced by the north London Borough.

Who doesn’t love pancakes, well Mary Berry’s easy pancake recipe is out there for all the pancake lovers, so in celebration of pancake day on Shrove Tuesday this easy pancake recipe, with only three ingredients, is perfect for any pancake flipping novice, just add lemon and sugar keeping it simple or alternatively you soak in syrup and chocolate sauce for a more dissipated version, wondering pancake day to you all!!

Lastly the Runshaw College fight is something that should not be tolerated by all accounts, these knife gangs should not be made to feel like they are in some movie playing with people’s lives, a knife gang from Manchester drove to Runshaw College to cause harm to one of the students there, usually they get away with it but I am happy to announce that the sixth arrest has been made in connection with the Runshaw college fight and hope that all involved will feel the blunt end of the law,

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