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A very happy Friday to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul Turkey 🇹🇷. As we are just stepping into the weekend hoping the sun will grace us with its presence, lets share some news happening around us.

Starting with Hugh Grant today, now the actor Hugh Grant has posted a furious twitter rant over Boris Johnson’s plan to suspend parliament.

In this twitter Hugh Grant has issued a blistering takedown of Boris Johnson in response to the prime minister’s controversial plans to suspend Parliament.

Hugh Grant was quoted saying: “You will not f** with my children’s future, you will not destroy the freedoms my grandfather fought two world wars to defend. F** off you over promoted rubber toy. Britain is revolted by you and your little gang of masturbatory prefects”.

A furious row has been sparked after the Queen approved an order by Boris Johnson for Parliament to be prorogued from the second week in September until 14th of October, which falls seventeen days before the scheduled date of Brexit.

Approval was given at a session of privy Council in Balmoral despite letters from Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson requesting urgent meetings with the Queen to urge her to withhold it.

Its official the next Apple event is only a few weeks away, so calendars are on ready as Apple has released officially the date for its annual Apple event. The iPhone 11 will be released on the said event.

The iPhone’s release is set to take part at its Headquarters in California, this will happen on September 10th, which falls on a Tuesday. According to the invitations sent out to the Press, Apple is meant to be about innovation only. Expectations are high this time as they are excitement from the public anxiously waiting to see what the new iPhone will feature. Rumour has it though that Apple have pulled out the bag on this looming release of the iPhone.

Andy Murray has been on a row lately with back to back wins but that has all changed for Andy Murray as he got defeated by the world number 240, Matteo Viola at the Rafa Nadal Open. Speaking after the defeat Andy Murray said “I am cramping, I am tired, I enjoyed being here, I would have loved to play more matches but it was good. I played two competitive matches, physically I need to get better”

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