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Today we will start off with Wanda Rutkiewicz, the famous Polish third female mountaineer who reached the summit of Mount Everest in 1978, after the Japanese Junko Tabei and the Tibetan Phanthong, who are female mountaineers climbed to the Everest, in the same year in 1975.

Today, Wanda Rutkiewicz is remembered on the 41st anniversary of her historic success at Google Doodle. Who is Wanda?

Wanda Rutkiewicz was born in 1943 in the village of Plungian (now part of Lithuania), which was part of Poland in advance. She studied electrical engineering at Wroclaw University of Technology.

Eight years after climbing Mount Everest, in 1986, she became the first female mountaineer to scale K2, the world’s second highest mountain.

During her mountaineering career, Wanda Rutkiewicz never received support from her male teammates.

Rutkiewicz aimed at climbing mountains over 8000 meters and is thought to have died at the age of 49 when she tried to climb Kangchenjunga, one of the highest mountains in the world. After this climb, she or her body could not be reached.

Wanda Rutkiewicz was also a writer of his experiences during mountaineering activities and always a powerful advocate who encouraged women to climb by organizing expeditions.

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