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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist, Istanbul, Turkey. The time has come again to share the various things that have been happening around us and today we will start with Andy Ruiz.

Now who is Andy Ruiz, well he was born Andres Ponce Ruiz Jr and he is an American professional boxer at age, 29 years old, Andy Ruiz is in the heavyweight division category.

Now it is more likely than not, after the fiasco with Jarell Miller who was supposed to face off with Anthony Joshua that Andy Ruiz will be replacing Jarell Miller in the ring fighting the champion himself, Anthony Joshua. Jarell Miller on the other hand has been handed a six months ban, a much shorter period off than a lot of elite fighters voluntarily take between fights.

Luis Ortiz’s team got a bit greedy as the first option to fight Anthony Joshua, the greed blocked what would have been the best option to fight Joshua, they seem to however settled for Andy Ruiz Jr.

This fight for Andy Ruiz despite a near inevitability he will lose, this fight will serve to cement his name at the top of the heavyweight division as a potential for a lot of contenders.

Four seasons Health care goes into administration, Four seasons is one of Britain’s largest care home groups, two of the holding companies behind the firm appointed administrators on Tuesday after struggling to pay their debts.

The Four Seasons group serves about seventeen thousand residents and patients and employs in the region of twenty thousand staff members, in evoking this move Four Seasons has confirmed that, this would affect care arrangements or even lead to the closure of homes, the group medical director Dr Claire Royston also made a comment saying “Today’s news does not affect the way we operate or how our homes are run or prompt any change for residents, families, employees and indeed suppliers, it marks the latest stage in the group’s restructuring process and allows us to move ahead with orderly and independent sales process”.

Four Seasons is the biggest care home group to have gone into administration since 2011 when Southern Cross was faced with the same fate.

Four Seasons has struggled with cuts to local authorities care fees and also the rising costs, the group has warned of its long term stability, the GMB trade union has said the government has a duty to urgently step in to reassure the residents and employees.

The union’s national secretary, Rehana Azam, said “the possible collapse of Four Seasons shows our care system is in crisis, it is crumbling beneath us because the funding is not there”.

Nothing suspicious was found on security alert plane at Glasgow Airport, a plane was at the centre of a security alert when it landed at Glasgow Airport, it was revealed that nothing suspicious was found on board, the alert led to the runway being shut down for thirty minutes, rumoured to have been linked to a suspect package but the police later revealed that after a search of the aircraft, nothing was found, the police are carrying on with their enquiries. Passengers had no clue to any of this but only became privy of the situation after finding out on twitter, however when the plane stopped there was an announcement to say there was an incident on board.

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