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There is absolutely no point in gaining all the wealth in the world and losing your health, at Meditravelist we are have a policy which is upheld by three most vital pillars namely, Health, Family and then Money.

As the seeking of alternative outside treatment for various treatments whether Medical or Aesthetic has gained extreme momentum in the past year, it brings with it plenty of shady characters looking to make a quick buck without the regard for the well-being and safety of the client/patient.

It pays so much to be vigilant before embarking on this journey as it has life altering consequences if you just jump on the bandwagon to save a buck, as the saying goes “if it’s too good to be true, in most cases it’s not true”

We were very delighted to read an article by Richard Jones which was giving voice to our concerns, as an academia, the same can be confidently said about the stuff at Meditravelist, we were impressed and it’s impossible to give credit, where its due.

Turkey has been leading in the most amount of traffic in the world for men coming for Hair Transplantation procedures and a plethora of other treatments on offer. With any positive situation, there is always that downside as previously mentioned of the unsavoury characters looking to profit with disregard to implications to the client/patient’s health.

I am pleased to announce that the Republic of Turkey, Ministry of Health have tightened their scrutiny and put in place some serious controls to the effect, they have put in place a substantial penalty coupled with continued scrutiny with very strict parameters, as any bad publicity reflects bad on Turkey as a whole.

To aid in better informing yourself on the right organisations, refer to the official website made available by The General Directorate of Healthcare Services and Tourism Department, Republic of Turkey Ministry of Health.

This list of certificated organisations is renewed periodically, you can access the up to date list on our website by clicking on the document number which is located on the right hand corner at the footer on our website.

At Meditravelist we are proud to adhere by the guidelines and be a part of this body’s authorized institutions with AK-038 Authorization Certificate.

The founding members are professionals top of their respective fields, an Associate Professor and a Professor, both with experience spanning over 28 years in their respective fields.

At Meditravelist we pride ourselves in a very person-centred approach which leaves us satisfied for providing the best service possible but importantly leaving the client/patient satisfied, as it’s our pleasure to go above and beyond.

For more detailed information please visit us on www.meditravelist.com or any of our Social Media Platforms linked to the website.

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