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Time has come to catch up on all the happenings, locally and internationally. We will start with Children in Need 2019 Appeal Show

This evening, one of the biggest charity events of the year, “Children in Need 2019” appeal show, is broadcast on BBC One and BBC iPlayer from 7 pm.

Graham Norton, Tess Daly and Marvin and Rochelle Humes will host the evening’s event.

Tess Daly, who is 49 years-old, has been the main presenter of “Children in Need” event since 2016 and was a co-presenter between 2008-2016. She is married with presenter Vernon Kay and has two daughters.

In this long appeal show, which will run until 10 pm, will be short films about where your money will go in the UK, as well as stories of some brave children in need of help.

Star Wars fans are looking forward to the new game “Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order” comments began to be shared. Based on reviews by professional users; it is a very successful game with its story, beginning, eye-catching colours, atmosphere and interesting fighting techniques (still awesome although they used many block techniques).

From a technical point of view, it is still a very successful game: you do not encounter any crash or shutdown problems. The optimization of the game is also very good: depending on your hardware and internet speed, you can get 80-90 FPS (up to 110 at least 60 FPS) at ultra-settings. However, it is rare that the screen freezes for a few seconds. As a result, it is a new game and this kind of small problems can be expected. But I think these problems will be overcome with new patches that will be developed according to the feedback coming from the users.

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