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Good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist, yesterday we touched on Connor Mcgregor in relation to his announcement of his retirement from MME, well we can tell you today that Connor Mcgregor is officially under investigation for sexual assault in Ireland.

Connor Mcgregor one of the highest paid athletes in the world is accused of sexually assaulting a woman last year but is not being charged with a crime until the investigations have run their course as is the rule in Ireland and most of Europe.

Jussie Smollet the Empire actor who was under investigation for staging an attack on himself and blamed it on homophoby, it was a big scandal on this coming to light as a lot of theories were thrown about regarding the incident and the attack on Jussie Smollet but he has just been exonerated as all the charges have been dropped proving his innocence in the matter, he did however do some community labour hours, we can only wish Jussie Smollet all the best in the future as he carries on from this point forward.

The ever so entertaining Cardi B has had to defend herself as an old video from three years ago when she worked as a stripper resurfaced in which Cardi B was claiming to drug and rob her clients who wanted to have sex with her.

Having faced so much backlash over this from many around the world Cardi B this Tuesday finally addressed the issue saying that her past is not one she is proud of and that due to the limitation of choices back then she was forced to make certain decisions which she is not proud of, she also cited how she has been blessed to be where she is right now as opposed to her ex work colleagues who are still in the life.

Motown Museum celebrates Diana Ross’s 75th birthday with her family and friends, the Motown Museum, situated i in Berry Gordy’s Hittsville headquarters used the evening screening of Diana Ross, her life, love and Legacy a new documentary about her concerts in 1993 in New York’s Central Park to celebrate the occasion, we thank you Miss Ross to the contributions you have made to music.

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