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Time to catch up on news that’s happening around us and today we will go straight into Google news, Google Doodle to be precise, well Google Doodle is celebrating Japanese American artist, Ruth Asawa.

Ruth Asawa overcame world War two discrimination and obstacles to go and become a world-renowned sculpture and advocate for Arts transformative power.

This month we have just got into, May, it’s the Asian/Pacific Heritage month, it’s a month set aside to celebrate the Asian Pacific islanders, culture, traditions and history in the United States.

In commemorative spirit, kicking it off today with a Google Doodle dedicated to Ruth Asawa.

Asawa was born to immigrant Japanese parents in 1926 in southern California City of Norwalk.

She was already showing signs of becoming a great artist at a very early age and won her first prize at the tender age of Thirteen, this prize she won for a piece of work depicting what makes someone American, this was to be noted as a conscious theme that can be noticed in the bulk of her work.

Her family went through some tumulus times, in the wake of world War 2, her family was detained in a Japanese American internment camp, even under those circumstances she continued to study art, she later attended the Milwaukee State teacher’s college as at the time Japanese people were prohibited from attending college in California.

Ruth Asawa made a name for herself, thanks to her unique wire sculptures, she went on to design the Japanese American Internment Memorial Sculpture in San Francisco in the year 1994, also the garden of Remembrance at San Francisco State University. She was always passionate about educating others in the Arts, she was a big part in founding San Francisco School of the Arts, this School was later renamed the Ruth Asawa San Francisco School of Arts in her honour.

Asawa died in San Francisco at the age of 83 in 2013.

The Google Doodle designed by Alyssa Winans, it features five of the artist’s hanging wire sculptures, these were designs by which she was known.

In preparation for the May day protests, France has deployed thousands of police to the streets of Paris as European brace themselves for violence.

In anticipation France has deployed seven thousand police for the May day protests, German and Greek capitals are expecting disruption, police in London though said they were not expecting significant demonstrations or violence for the May Day protests.

An opposition party in South Africa is however using May Day to rally voters a week before the country’s national elections.

Economic freedom fighters’ members, wearing their signature red tops and berets all gathered at a stadium in Johannesburg to cheer in support of populist stances that have put pressure on the ruling African National Congress to address issues like economic equality and land reforms.

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