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Hope the day has been kind to everyone out there, warm wishes from us here at Meditravelist, now we will go straight to an issue that’s causing distress to three people I know personally, WOW Airlines an Icelandic aviation company has ceased operations due to not being able to secure funding thereby leaving some 4000 individuals stranded, WOW Airlines the budget airline which flew from Stansted and Gatwick Airports has advised passengers to find alternative flights with different carriers as they have ceased operations. WOW Airlines has become one of the many Airlines that have gone bust in recent times due to financial constraints. Of the 4000 stranded passengers, 120 are from the United Kingdom. Adam Schiff has been called to resign by the republican Intelligence committee. These are nine strong on the committee asking for Adam Schiff to resign from his position as chairman. Rep. Mike Conaway who was spear heading the committee cited that Adam Schiff is accused of abusing his position and promoting false information in the same stroke, it was made clear that his actions past and present were not compatible with being chairman.

President Trump tweeted this morning that Schiff would resign. Now taking it to the movies, The Beach Bum is a flick starring Matthew McConaughey and it promises to be a treat. The Beach Bum is directed by Harmony Korine who has always had a very abstract way with his films, this particular one is an upbeat homeric journey with Matthew McConaughey as a blissed out romper, it has the usual ingredients, a plethora of drugs, free love and lawlessness that is always rife in his movies, with the insertion of Matthew McConaughey who is ever so versatile in his portrayal of the many characters he plays, beach bum promises to be something worthy of watching.

And lastly a fifth grader Raniya Wright has lost her life after a fight in school. Raniya Wright the fifth grader from North Carolina was injured when she was involved in a fight with another class mate and she lost her life two days later, no weapons were recorded to have been used in this altercation and no arrests have been made, however another student has been suspended from school but it is still very unclear whether it’s in connection with the passing of Raniya Wright, our thoughts are with her family and friends in this difficult time. I will stress again to check us out at or catch us on Instagram for all the exciting deals we have in stock.

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