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A very happy Women’s Day to all the wonderful women who shape our lives, unlike Mother’s Day today. We celebrate women’s day special concentration being on friends, sisters, workmates and comrades too. I always make sure that I remember to send flowers, failing that a text or some such to all the special ladies in my life, namely mom and sisters, from us here at MEDITRAVELIST. We wish all the women out there, Happy Women’s Day!!

Another woman worth celebrating is Taraji. P. Henson who has had to overcome various obstacles in her career, in 2016. Taraji. P. Henson in her 2016 memoir “Around the way girl” about losing a role to a white counterpart because the powers that be could not envision a black woman in the part, the producer who made that decision was Harvey Weinstein, we salute you Miss Taraji. P. Henson for sticking to your art and overcoming with your head held high.

I bet a lot of us have fresh in their minds the past Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson match, well Lennox Lewis has come out and declared he would be more than happy to come out of retirement and fight Iron Mike for £76 million. He has insisted that he is happy to step into the ring, if he was assured the said pay day. Lennox Lewis spoke at length about his 2002 bout with Mike Tyson. All I can say to that is, we will watch the space and see what transpires.

For those deep space enthusiasts, you will be pleased to learn that the SpaceX Dragon splashed down in the Atlantic Ocean this morning right on schedule. This successful test and splashdown are deemed an amazing achievement in American history, reported by the NASA administrator Jim Bridenstine. The SpaceX splashdown was closely monitored by at the SpaceX’s mission control in Hawthorne, California, where parachute deployments and other developments brought much celebrations in forms of yells which then turned to roars of cheering and applause after the Crew Dragon finally hit the water safely.

We will leave you with a very funny story regarding Tim Cook, well during an American workforce policy advisory board meeting at the White House, POTUS called Tim Cook the Apple CEO by Tim Apple instead of his given name Tim Cook. It was a very awkward moment for the President, this is one of many hilarious moments perpetrated by the president, well to all the women out there continue to enjoy a day dedicated to you and we catch up over the weekend.

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