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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey, we are going to keep the ball rolling by keeping you informed on all that’s happening around us locally and internationally.

We will start today with the amazing win by the Warriors against Raptors. In the NBA finals the warriors triumphed against the Raptors in a very close match, it saw the Warriors clinching a very vital win.

For the first four games of the NBA finals, the question lingered whether Kevin Durant would play, after sustaining a calf strain, Kevin Durant has not played since.

Naturally the Warriors were bombarded with questions, would they be able to claim their 3rd champion in a row, without the two-time NBA finals MVP.

The Warriors proved this against the Raptors, that they are still of doing just that after a thrilling win. Midway through second quarter Kevin Durant limped out of the game, with what the Warriors general manager, Bob Myers, later confirmed to be an injury to achilles. Well done to the Warriors for pulling through.

Now onto UK weather, there has been heavy downpours across England, this has brought with it a set of problems for road and rail users.

UK weather has taken a turn from a few days when all was sunny and warm to the complete opposite, rail operator Southern has advised people to avoid travelling, delay their planned journeys or use alternative routes.

The weather in the UK has been so severe that the M25 was closed in both directions for almost eight hours after the discovery of two sink holes, this was after a crash at about 23:30 BST.

About 31 flood alerts have been put in place across the country, with some areas predicted to see up to 60mm of rain.

There has been an influx of calls from motorists reporting blocked roads due to trees falling onto the road.

A woman in her 80s and her dog were rescued from a flooded property in West Kingsdown, near Sevenoaks in the early hours.

The fire and rescue team found her trapped waist high. There was even reports of fire when lightning struck, this happened in Devon.

The Met Office meteorologist, Alex Burkill, said the UK was in for some treacherous weather.

Let’s stay safe out there people.

In New York a helicopter crash landed on the roof of a New York City skyscraper, leading the building to shake.

The helicopter crashed just 11 minutes into its flight, crash landing on the Midtown Manhattan skyscraper. Several floors of the building shook, alarms started to sound afterwards, workers had a full understanding of what was happening, security was ordering them to grab their belongings and evacuate.

With everyone crammed in the stairs rushing out, it took half an hour to get from the 29th floor to the ground floor, the workers confirmed that you could feel the building shake and then the alarms.

The pilot identified as Tim McCormack, died in the crash, confirmed by law enforcement.

Lastly giant panda cub, Xiang Xiang is to turn two this week. Now ahead of the giant panda cub’s second birthday, the zoo has released an update on her growth. Xiang Xiang was born on the 12th of June, 2017. Xiang Xiang on birth weighed 147 grams.

The panda cub was supposed to be returned to china after two years, but china agreed to extend her stay in Japan until the end of 2020.

As of last Wednesday, Xiang Xiang weighed 61.6 kilograms, that is about half the weight of a fully grown panda, that’s quite something given the fact that Xiang Xiang is a child and well on her way to adulthood.

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