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We will go straight into it; Greg James and Nick Grimshaw have relaunched BBC Radio 1’s hide and seek game. Greg James and Nick Grimshaw, after announcing the return of the show, have gone on the run, last year Greg James and Nick Grimshaw were caught in Liverpool after 22 hours and 40 minutes.

The duo was last seen escaping down the Thames River in a boat, this was after giving co presenters Maya Jama and Jordan North the slip near the Tower of London.

While these two are on the run, Scott Mills, Adele Roberts and Clara Amfo, will host the Breakfast show while the two try to evade the public for as long as they can. Radio 1 launched the challenge last year, a caller Faye tracked them down to the city’s Liver Building after James described her blue car while looking out a window. The duo also announced the news of the latest hunt on twitter, confirming that the hunt will be starting at 4pm, looks like Radio 1 Breakfast listeners are in for a hunt.

I Am Nicola, is a very powerful drama about emotional manipulation. The director of I Am Nicola, Dominic Savage, relationships of all kinds are the most interesting of life, according to him, “there are always difficulties, in all of them, I just don’t believe anyone that says, ‘Oh it’s all been great….’ it’s just the most troublesome stuff.”

I Am Nicola is about a woman feeling trapped by her two children and stable relationship, grew out of conversations about their own lives between him and Gemma Arterton, it set something of a template for this new trio, of stand-alone dramas. Each with a title that begins with I Am. This has all the ingredients of becoming a very powerful offering from these two talented beings.

The big question in a lot of people’s minds is, how will the US-UK relationship evolve with Boris Johnson in No 10 Downing Street. One thing thing to point out is that Donald trump is a fan of the incoming resident of 10 Downing Street, but it’s unclear if there will be any real convergence on policy. Boris Johnson has already been dubbed “Britain Trump” by Donald Trump. It comes across that Donald Trump most probably perceives that to be the highest compliment anyone can bestow. Trump has dubbed Boris Johnson “mini me” on account of both of them being blond, he has gone on to signal how the US-UK relationship is about to become special in entirely new ways.

Trump appears to have forgiven Boris for a flamboyant range of past insults, such as four years ago when the then London mayor said the then presidential candidate demonstrated a quite stupefying ignorance that makes him, frankly unfit for holding the office of president of the United States.

Many including myself will be keeping a keen eye to see how it all unfolds.

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