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Who grew up eating various cereals from Kelloggs, well I can safely say I looked forward to mornings as I would have the opportunity to delve into my favourite Kelloggs cereal for breakfast, somehow didn’t seem like a complete day without it.

Well Kelloggs have launched white chocolate coco pops for the first time ever. This cereal, like its milk chocolate predecessor, contains thirty percent less sugar than the original product.

What makes this white chocolate coco pops so special is the fact that, its the first it’s been done in the 59 years since the launching of the company.

The company reported that this has been brought about by the high demand from customers via social media and their dedicated phone lines, in response to all the requests, the bosses were led to deviate from the classic milk chocolate style.

The chocolate coco pops are not the first new introduction to the plethora of variety offered under the Kelloggs banner, in recent years they have toyed with, coco pops rocks, moons and stars and granola, this have all hit the market in the past decade.

And with warnings becoming more apparent and increasingly fierce, Kelloggs moved to reduce the amount of sugar in coco puffs by 30 percent in 2018.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport union are today going on strike across the South Western Railway Network. By 6am there were already overcrowded trains with standing room only, according to reports on social media.

Problems over the South Western Rail are expected to last over the next five days. This is going to bring a massive headache for the commuters who use this network to get to and from work.

South Western Rail has put out a warning regarding the delays and cancellations which are affecting all services across its network, apart from a train on the Isle of Wight, they have put some bus services in some places.

Some peak services have been added to cope with the problems.

Taylor swift and Katy Perry have ended their feud last week. Taylor swift has taken her friendship with Katy Perry to the next level by Katy Perry featuring in Taylor swift’s new video for the single “You need to calm down”

The video focuses on supporting LGBT people, star celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, RuPaul and the cast of Netflix series Queer Eye are also featured in the video.

Fans were in for a shock surprise when Katy Perry appeared, hugging Taylor Swift while in a large burger and chips get up.

Taylor Swift revealed that that the ending was a collective effort from both of them.

Taylor Swift said in an interview with Radio 1’s Greg James on a show that airs breakfast on Tuesdays, the process of making up with Katy Perry has been a positive turn in her life, she added that she would love for her and Katy to be a symbol of redemption and forgiveness. After the release of the video, they both showed on their respective social media platforms, screenshots of them hugging.

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