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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey. Time to catch up on news around the world.

Today we will start with Rob Lowe the former West Wing star. Now Rob Lowe is what you would define as a US A-lister, Rob has made a transatlantic move to the UK, he has landed a role as a hard-bitten Miami cop, decamping to Lincolnshire.

Rob Lowe is due to star in the ITV drama, Wild Bill, Lowe is not the first American to make the unlikely move to the other side of the ocean. Some of the Americans that have crossed over are Robert Vaughn, Jeremy Piven, Julia Stiles, Andy Samberg, Richard Gere and Michael C Hall.

Thames Water is struggling to resolve an issue, as Sunbury and Hampton areas are left with low pressure or no water.

Thames water acknowledged the problem at 0830am on Wednesday and said its working hard to resolve the issue. The water supplier put a statement out “We’ve sent our specialist engineers to the area, and they will be working hard, to get your water supply back on as soon as possible, they added” We are really sorry if you are experiencing low water pressure or no water. ”

The Thames water specialist are hard at work trying to resolve the issue, sooner rather than later.

Now onto some wonderful news about EuroMillions, a single ticket holder in the United Kingdom has won a life altering £123 million EuroMillions jackpot in Tuesday night’s draw.

Camelot has confirmed the winner will collect the third biggest EuroMillions jackpot in the UK since its launching in 2004. The ticket holder is yet to be named, what’s not known is whether it’s a single person or a syndicate, even a family.

Were it that it’s an individual who scooped the EuroMillions jackpot, it will see them catapulted into the Sunday Times Rich list, of the 1000 wealthiest people living in the UK or with British business links.

Golden State forward Kevin Durant has injured his right achilles, this is a massive blow for Kevin Durant the All-star and two-time NBA finals MVP.

Kevin Durant is maybe three weeks away from free agency, the injury will see him facing a long rehabilitation process. Warriors general manager Bob Myers was very emotional when he dispatched the news, after Game 5 of the NBA finals on Monday night.

An MRI will be performed to determine the severity of the injury, Kevin Durant’s season is clearly over and his recovery will likely take several months, if it turns out his achilles is torn.

Well we wish you a speedy recovery, going forward Mr Durant from us here at Meditravelist.

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