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Time again to catch up on news from the United Kingdom and around the world.

Onto some Jess Glynne news, she was slated to perform a show at the Isle of Wight at the weekend, which ended up being cancelled. Jess Glynne has said anxiety is what led her to cancelling a performance at the Festival, this occurred minutes before she was due to go on stage.

Jess Glynne wrote on Instagram “I got ready and was about to head to the stage but I just couldn’t do it, I was incredibly weak and full of anxiety”

She went on to say “I can’t help that my body sometimes gives up on me, I am so, gutted, sorry and upset that I couldn’t perform yesterday, she posted this on her Instagram account. Jess Glynne recently supported Spice girls on their UK tour, she added” the last thing I ever want to do is let people down, I am sorry to anyone who I upset, it was not my intention”

Roger Federer one of the tennis greats undoubtedly and a gentleman, has a tendency of making tennis look so easy. Well Roger Federer found himself in a Goldilocks situation during his victory against John Millman in the first round of the NOVENTI OPEN yesterday.

He was quoted saying “I am aware that there were way too many errors there. I’ve got to find to find the right sort of power on the forehand, not too soft, not too hard. I’ve got to find middle ground”

Roger Federer made some very uncharacteristic number of unforced errors off the forehand, while playing his first match on grass court season.

The Swiss Ace knows he will need to make adjustments to the relatively lower bounce on this type of surface as opposed to playing on clay.

Federer went on to say “I was looking for it throughout with different balls, compared to the past few weeks in Paris, grass plays different, how much spin I need to put on the ball, how flat I need to go through the ball. So, I often played maybe a little bit on the aggressive side in the beginning because I always knew I can pull back a little bit. So, of course that shot can only get better. It can’t get worse, there is a level I believe I have on my forehand. There were definitely some good moments there, from the baseline, all the stuff is going to get better from here on. So, I am confident there.

Roger Federer now has a 64-7 record in Halle, he will try to reach his 17th quarter final at the ATP 500 Tournament, when he faces world number 5, Jo Wilfred Tsonga next. Wilfred Tsonga has been known to play a good game and is not one to underestimate.

Wilfried Tsonga the French man has won their past two FedEx ATP Head2Head meetings, at 2016 Monte Carlo and 2014 Canada. But Roger Federer leads their rivalry 11-6, and he has ever failed to advance to the last eight at this event.

Lastly, the son of John Landis, Max Landis is facing abuse allegations. John Landis is a screenwriter and director and is known for Chronicle, American Ultra, Netflix’s Bright and Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency. Multiple women have come forward to accuse Max Landis of abuse.

Max Landis is being accused of emotional, physical and sexual abuse. This is spanking over the last ten years. Eight different women have been published in the Daily Beast, he is accused of using his influence and Hollywood connections to cover up any wrong doing. John Landis’s son has had one of his accusers say, he sees something shiny and he wants it, he is like, I got to have it”

“He would systematically try to have sex with all the women I knew, we are not people to him”, another was quoted saying.

Max Landis is yet to respond publicly to these accusations.

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