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Top of the morning to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey, I bet we are all glad that it’s a Friday and we get to get up to spend time with family, friends or just get into hobbies that we don’t usually have time for during the week.

Chris Evans guest, Lisa Faulkner, had listeners in tears after an emotional confession on air. This emotional confession was put out by Lisa Faulkner on the Chris Evans’s Virgin Radio breakfast show.

She had listeners in tears when she admitted that she was glad that her IVF treatment failed. Lisa Faulkner who is now 47, has an adopted daughter, Billie, who she adopted in 2008 after having suffered an ectopic pregnancy, this after struggling to conceive with now ex-husband, Chris Coghill. The Eastenders star, Lisa Faulkner, went on to explain that if the treatment had not failed, she would not have adopted eighteen month old Billie, she explained “my whole world got smaller and smaller and was just about how I was going to have a baby, and why it wasn’t working, we tried all the IVF, we had an amazing doctor, who eventually said, ‘I can’t do the magic, I am letting you go’.

Lisa said on the Chris Evans show, she felt like she wasn’t good enough after she failed to have her child. After the failed pregnancy, one of Lisa’s fallopian tubes was removed, greatly reducing her chances of ever conceiving.

She also revealed how she felt it a blow when she had to tell people that it didn’t work, she also explained that, when you are pumped up on hormones that make you lose your grip on reality, you go crazy.

A lot of listeners were touched by Lisa’s confession and tweets were sent out in relation to her ordeal.

Onto Jess Glynne again, she has made headlines by cancelling Access All Eirias headliner show. Jess Glynne cancelled the show in North Wales after being told she needed to urgently rest her voice.

Jess Glynne out a statement saying her surgeon had told her to rest her voice for the next ten days, in order to let her vocal cords, recover after performing in almost a hundred shows in the space of six months. Miss Glynne recently supported the Spice Girls on their Spice World Tour.

In a statement she said “I know many of my fans feel I let them down badly, when I pulled out of the Isle of Wight festival but the reason I knew I just wasn’t going to be able to make that performance has now been made clear to me by my doctor. Two days ago I came to Boston, to see my surgeon, who told me my vocal cord has haemorrhaged and that if I wanted to remain as a performer, I needed to urgently take a break, rest my voice completely for the next ten days and try and remain in total silence to give my vocal chords a chance to recover.

Fans however have been offered refunds for the event.

Liam Gallagher has admitted that playing Glastonbury with Oasis in 2004 was horrible. Liam Gallagher has admitted that he hated playing the gig with Oasis in 2004.

Liam Gallagher on an interview with BBC 6 Music’s Matt Everitt: “I’ve always enjoyed Glastonbury, there’s only one I didn’t and that was when I wore the white parka jacket, I didn’t enjoy that because that was when I’d first started using in ears (monitors to hear the music) and it spun me out for 15 years. I’ve only finally took them out, so I’m kinda of getting back to normal, I hated that gig man”

Gallagher added “I started putting in ears in as our kid wanted to go slash, you know what I mean, and turn up everything. So, I put them in for the sake of the band and my voice and all that, but I couldn’t get my head round it and then I carried on using them just because, apparently, they are good for your voice and saves your voice. But I’m off them now, weaned myself off them, they’re horrible”

The former Oasis front man is due to perform on the Pyramid Stage ahead of The Killers at the Glastonbury Festival 2019 this Saturday.

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