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Good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. That time again to review things happening around the world.

A big congratulations to Lloyds Bank at being the first bank to sign up to “Mental Health Accessible” standards. Lloyds Bank has become the first major bank to sign up to the standards, which have been created to make essential services to use for multitudes of people. The Money and Mental Health Policy Institute (MMHPI)launched the standards yesterday, the Mental Health Standards aim to make life easier, it is aimed for those who struggle to make telephone calls, open post or navigate complex online forms, due to menta health problems.

Organisations signing up to the Mental Health Accessible Standards will have to be tested against eleven key measures. This will also require training staff so they are more aware of Mental Health problems and their impacts, ensuring that customers can carry out vital account activities through a variety of different methods, text, email, Web chat and face to face access. Well done to lloyds Bank for signing up for a very worthy cause.

Raspberry PI 4, the DIY computer is taking on the world. The Raspberry PI Foundation has unveiled their next generation hobbyist project computer, the Raspberry PI 4. The eagerly anticipated update to the Raspberry Pi, which incidentally is ahead of schedule due to some welcome fortune in SoC development, if offers a notable upgrade to the family, thanks to its new 28nm Broadcom SoC, which among other things incorporates a more powerful quad Arm Cortex A72 CPU cluster. The single board computer is now available and the kicker is like the ones before it, the prices start at an unbelievable 35 dollars.

Unknown to many, the Raspberry Pi family has been around since 2012, its last full update was back in 2016, this is when the foundation released the Raspberry Pi 3.

After all is said, the Foundation is selling 3 different versions of the Raspberry Pi 4, this depends on the memory configuration.

For example, the 35-dollar model comes with 1GB of LPDDR4, while 2GB and 4GB models are available for 45 and 55 dollars respectively.

John Prescott has suffered a stroke and admitted to hospital. Former deputy prime minister John Prescott has been taken to Hull Royal infirmary after suffering a stroke, confirmed by his family. This was also out on the 81-year old’s twitter account. Former Home Secretary ‘Alan Johnson’ told the BBC that John Prescot is over the worst.

Ex-Prime minister, Tony Blair send him his well wishes “hoping very much that he gets better soon”, he also added that his thoughts are with him.

The family of Lord John Prescott has put out a statement regarding his care “the hospital staff had been remarkable and we cannot thank them enough, he is receiving excellent care from the NHS”, they said this praising the swift actions of the paramedics and A&E staff.

Here is wishing you a very speedy recovery from us at Meditravelist.

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