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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. We meet again to discuss issues and events around us as they occur.

We will start off with the tragic death of Etika, who is a famed YouTube gaming star. Desmond Etika Amofah, 29, has been found dead by New York police after he went missing last week.

Under the name Etika, he posted gaming videos, he raised concerns among his viewers after he posted a video titled “I am sorry”, he spoke about his mental health while walking through Manhattan in New York.

This video by Etika was posted to his secondary YouTube channel but was later deleted. The police had issued an appeal as to his whereabouts on June 20, citing the YouTuber had many people concerned after having posted the aforementioned video. At this moment there are no further details as to the circumstances of his death. Fans of the 29-year-old Etika are posting condolences at his passing, he has been posting videos since 2012 and had accumulated quite a following.

Bill Whitfield who served as Michael Jackson’s bodyguard has claimed that the singer was killed by the stress of the allegations levelled upon him.

Bill Whitfield claims that Michael Jackson was wracked by the stresses over child abuse allegations, family feuds and residence in London.

He also said that Michael Jackson was given an overdose of powerful anaesthetic drug, propofol by his personal physician, Conrad Murray. Murray was later found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in the case of Michael Jackson, but Bill Whitfield said the singer’s final days were hours of great stress.

The gates are now open at the site for Glastonbury 2019. As Glastonbury gates are officially open, early arrivals are flocking the farm to have their picking of decent places to camp. Festival goers could go to the sight officially from 2100hrs last night, the gates had been opened at 0800hrs on the day by organiser Michael Eavis himself.

Michael Eavis was quoted saying “it’s never been better, and it’s never been as good as this one, the weather looks good. It looks marvellous, thank you for coming and welcome to Worthy Farm”, he posted this to the public via twitter.

With very promising weather forecast, Glastonbury will see Stormzy, The Cure and The Killers head up a huge line-up that includes the likes of Liam Gallagher, Janet Jackson, George Ezra, Miley Cyrus and Tame Impala, to name but a few.

We will finish off with Emmerdale one of the most followed soaps on TV, with a multitude of following.

On the Emmerdale spoilers, we see heartbreak to rock village as popular couple split after betrayal. Emmerdale’s most loved couple have become vital to the drama unfolding in the village. However, Faith Dingle and Eric Pollard could see their romance come to a heart-breaking end in the coming week. The two have been enjoying each other’s company, despite the harrowing dramas involving their families. However, with the arrival of newcomer and Paddy Kirk’s father, earlier this year, the couple has been on thin ice.

Next week will see some dramatic events occur as it may all be too much for Eric.

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