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We will jump straight into Boris Johnson who is as things stand, frontrunner most likely to enter into 10 downing Street.

This coming to fruition it would see Boris Johnson, not as Conservative leader, but Prime minister of the whole country.

Boris Johnson’s appearance yesterday was very interesting, it wasn’t so much as to what kind of policies he might pursue, nor the kind of leader he might be, might we add that his formal launch was packed with Conservatives of all stripes.

Boris Johnson possesses something that other candidates don’t have, he is a rare kind of politician, one who almost never receives an apathetic shrug.

His flair for causing offence is more famous than his reputation for managing policy, his judgment is questioned profoundly by many who have worked alongside him.

Mistakes that might have ended other political careers by now, these have not disqualified him from holding the highest office in the UK. Boris Johnson has the canny ability to inspire fierce loyalty in others, in particular those who were part of his team when he was in charge in London’s City Hall.

Some will go as far as saying, maybe it the sheer force of personality, ego and his desire for power that are bigger than the scale of political errors he has made.

Theresa May and Boris Johnson are night and day as political characters, but if Boris Johnson is successful in following Theresa May into 10 Downing Street, he too in a sense would have the job, of trying to stitch together a coalition in the Tory party, one that can last through inevitable compromise and likely political disappointment.

He may face the same profound truth that Theresa May did, that as far as Europe goes, it is impossible to please all Conservative people at all times.

Today is the first round of proper voting, we will have a better idea of where the numbers are going.

Yesterday we touched on Thames water and how many found themselves with no pressure to no water at all, in Hampton.

Thames water has reported that supply will resume, after 100 000 London properties were affected by the burst pipe, Thames Water said on Wednesday, 9pm, it had rerouted the water supply in the TW, KT and W postcode areas.

Engineers were expected to continue to working through the night to fix the pipe at the company’s main regional pumping station in Hampton.

Thames Water issued a statement “We will continue working through the night to fix the burst pipe, at Hampton treatment works, as well as clear any trapped air from our pipes”.

Hope Solo, the former soccer star is opening up about recently nearly losing her life after suffering a miscarriage.

Hope Solo, the self-proclaimed, polarizing figure, 37, has had quite a few incidents off the field, in an interview with Elle magazine, she focuses on her life now with husband, Jerramy Stevens.

Early last year she mentioned that they were trying for kids, had gotten pregnant, but then Hope Solo suffered a miscarriage, it wasn’t after a week, still in pain after the miscarriage, she found out that she had been carrying twins and one of them had been ectopic. Solo said her life was in danger and she could have easily lost it. The doctors confirmed that she was hours from dying, to that end, they ended up having to remove the fallopian tube. All the while Solo had been running for United States Soccer Federation president and had to give a speech days after her miscarriage. To this day Solo, as a big part of her platform she still fights today for equal pay for both men and women in soccer.

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