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Remember that app that we all use, WhatsApp, well we have some news regarding the app, WhatsApp is urging all users to update app after discovering spyware vulnerability.

The spyware, developed by Israeli intelligence company used infected phone calls to take over the functions of the operating system.

WhatsApp said the vulnerability was discovered this month, and that the company quickly addressed the issue within its own infrastructure, to that effect an update to the app was published Monday, WhatsApp is encouraging users to upgrade out of an abundance of caution.

This said vulnerability was used in an attempted attack on the phone of a UK based attorney on the 12th of May, this was reported by the FT. The attorney is involved in a lawsuit against NSO brought by a group of Mexican journalists, government critics and a Saudi Arabian dissident.

WhatsApp has in the region of one and a half billion users around the world, the app uses end to end encryption, making it popular and secure for activists and dissidents.

Remember the Felicity Huffman, she is an American film, stage and television actress. She is currently involved in a cheating scandal case.

The latest we have is that Felicity Huffman has pleaded guilty in connection to the US college admission cheating scandal on Monday, this took place in a Boston Court, Felicity Huffman admitted paying fifteen thousand dollars to have her daughter, Sofia Grace Macy’s exam answers secretly amended in 2017.

Prosecutors recommended a four-month prison term and a twenty thousand dollar fine. Felicity in a statement she made last month said she was in “full acceptance” of her guilt. Mrs Huffman was among fifty charged in the college admission scandal.

Following her plea, a judge asked Felicity if she understood she was waiving her right to a trial, to this she said yes, she also said she had requested, for legitimate medical reasons, that Sofia who sees a neurophysiologist knew about this, she said this while breaking down in tears,” everything else they say I did, I did”

Jeremy Kyle is an English television host, radio personality, journalist and a writer, he is very popular for hosting a tabloid talk show, the Jeremy Kyle Show on ITV from 2005.

The Jeremy Kyle Show has been suspended indefinitely however due to a guest dying shortly after appearing on the show. The edition where this guest came on did not get broadcast, so as of May 2019 the Jeremy Kyle show has been shelved indefinitely. On the other hand, you have Piers Morgan, the Good Morning Britain presenter, defending Jeremy Kyle, siting that it is hard to stop any risks on TV shows, following the death of Steve Dymond and two love island contestants. Piers Morgan said “no one is forcing them” to take part on the show and also referenced the death of Love Island’s Sophie Gradon and Mike Thalassitis.

Speaking to guest Sir Alan Sugar, Piers Morgan said “the issue it seems to me, seeing this with two love island contestants, who took their own lives and now this tragedy on the Jeremy Kyle show, ultimately, these are people who are voluntarily going on television, no one is forcing them to and it raises a lot of complex issues about whether they are up for doing it”

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