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A very happy Thursday to all of you out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul Turkey, time to catch up on news around the world and there is no better news to start off with than National Siblings Day.

National Siblings Day is celebrated in many countries around the world on the 10th of April annually, the idea was initially conceived by Claudia Evart to honour her brother and sister who died at an early age. The day celebrates the relationship between Siblings, although it originated in the United States this day is now celebrated in many countries including India, Japan and Australia.

As I mentioned earlier National Siblings Day was started off by Claudia Evart after losing her brother and sister at very early ages, now April 10 was very special date as it marked Claudia Evart’s late sister’s birthday, the Siblings Day foundation was incorporated in 1997 and became a charity in 1999, the big question you want to know is, is it celebrated in the United Kingdom, well it has become very popular over the years with many choosing to recognise it but is not celebrated per say.

Netflix has unleashed on us The Silence, which came to Netflix on the 10th of April, The Silence has many comparing it to movies not long released like the Bird Box and a quiet place, although it’s a whole lot like all these movies, The Silence manages to bring those familiar but manages to forge a fresh weird world that is engaging and unnerving, I haven’t watched it myself but I look forward to watching it and I am sure I will enjoy it if its anything like the Bird Box.

I will bring you some YouTube news now and it’s not good unfortunately as YouTube has hiked its prices by ten dollars for YouTube TV bringing the subscription amount to a whopping 49 dollars a month, if you subscribe through Apple you will be hit with a fifty four and ninety nine dollars a month, YouTube has however promised to give to its customers the best service possible and are adding eight other channels owned by Cable network discovery (DISCA), including the namesake discovery channel, HGTV, Food NETWORK, TLC and Animal planet.

YouTube also plans to bring OWN, Oprah Winfrey Network later this year.

The network is a joint venture between Discovery and Oprah Winfrey’s Harpo production company.

Finally, PlayStation has come through on a promise it made some time ago.

Sony is finally providing PlayStation 4 players with the chance their username, which simply means you can ditch that default moniker to anything you wish it to be. It would be noted however that changing your username is not a straight forward thing as they are some software issues depending on what games you play but I guess as they say, where there exists a will exists a way to all those PlayStation users.

Look us up on for an opportunity to mould a new you as we approach what promises to be a beautiful summer.

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