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A very wonderful morning from us here at Meditravelist, that time has come to catch up on various events and news that are happening all around us, today we are all excited about the new second -generation AirPods that Apple just launched, most notably adding wireless charging to the popular AirPods.

Apple this time is even selling the charging case separately, so the existing AirPod owners can join in the fun, this move has brought Apple in line with Apple’s main competitors, whose phones and earbuds support a similar Qi charging functionality, so there is Apple making strides to the delight of the numerous fans out there.

For all those lottery players out there, I have wonderful news regarding the Powerball, now due to no one matching the six numbers on Wednesday night, the Powerball jackpot now stands at a whopping $625 million, this was announced by the lottery officials, I will have you know that this is officially the fourth largest in Powerball history and the seventh largest in the American history.

Four tickets however matched all the five white balls but missed matching the red Powerball to win a million dollars in price money.

Google is at it again as this time they are celebrating Johann Sebastian Bach on the ever so popular Google Doodle.

Johann Sebastian Bach was born 154 years ago today, this day has been marked by Google with a special artificial intelligence powered Doodle enabling users to make their very own music inspired by the composer’s.

Bach is remembered as one of the most acclaimed and influential composers of the Baroque era and of all time, thanks to some exquisite pieces that he created.

Moving on to Sophie Jones who plays for Sheffield United , now Sophie Jones after receiving a ban for racial abuse has made the massive leap of quitting football all together, the football association found Sophie Jones guilty of making monkey noises leading to the termination of her contract by Sheffield United, Jones was also fined £200 and ordered to attend an FA inclusion and diversity workshop, Sophie Jones insisted she was not guilty but had instead been the victim of a  Kangaroo court according to her.

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