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A very good day to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist, Istanbul Turkey, here is hoping you had a pleasant weekend, time to catch up on news around the world as it happens or just happened.

We will start off with Game of throne season 8 Premier, now a most horrible thing happened with HBO Go as just before the showing it crashed sending a lot of social media users complaining as it’s the long awaited beginning of Game of Thrones season 8, given the fact that it has as I mentioned earlier, an almost cult like following from the time it came on HBO, I will admit that I have not missed an episode since the first showing of Game of Thrones.

So with the crashing of the HBO Go platform it has not gone down very well with a lot of users as they have been getting an error message “Technical error and internal error in Paseo” this message with a few more variations popped up for users trying to access their accounts, they were also being asked to verify their Internet connection and it was taking ages to load. The ruling became a twitter trend with thousands complaining about the HBO Go platform. This however is not the 1st time HBO platform has failed just before Game of Thrones, this also happened when the Game of Thrones season seven was about to premiere in 2017.

The Mandalorian, a new TV series by Star Wars has has released the first footage from the new series, The Mandalorian features Pedro Pascal’s Lone ranger who delves into the underworld of a galaxy far far away…

After months of upcoming images teasing Disney + show The Mandalorian, the first footage of the live action Star Wars series has been unveiled to the delight of all the Star Wars fans out there.

Back to Game of Thrones, Joe Dempsey who plays Gendry on the show was meant to have been playing Jon Snow but landed the Other role as Gendry instead and according to Joe Dempsey it was the worst audition he has ever done when he auditioned for Gendry.

The British actor Joe Dempsey was speaking at the BFI and Radio Times Festival in London on Sunday just hours before Game of Thrones came back with the long awaited Season 8, he said he auditioned for the role that went to Kitt Harrington in the end and every actor of every age went for it, eighteen months later he auditioned for Pip another one of Jon Snow’s friends at the wall.

We will leave you with a funny story on Jeff Brazier, audiences were left in shock after seeing Jeff Brazier’s penis during SAS who dares wins.

Television personality Jeff Brazier announced that he was getting his cock out, the 39-year-old is currently taking part in Celebrity SAS Who Dares Wins in aid to Stand Up to Cancer.

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