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A very good Friday to all of you out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. Well the weekend is here just as soon as we manage to go through today. Time to catch up on some news.

We will kick off with Apple today, specifically the new Apple titanium credit card, this new card comes with a potential headache that has been rife with a lot of IPhone users everywhere. The new Apple titanium card can get scuffed up easily in the real world.

The IPhone company, Apple, updated its support webpage this week to warn users that some fabrics, such as leather and denim, could cause permanent discolouration to the apple card, the damage will be irreversible.

Apple also advised against placing the card in a wallet slot that has another card to avoid scratching. The IPhone company went on to advice against putting the card in with loose change, keys or other potentially abrasive objects.

Apple posted on their website: “If your titanium Apple card comes into contact with hard surfaces or materials, it’s possible that the coating can be damaged”, that has got people concluding that maybe the Apple card shouldn’t touch anything.

Chris Moyles has been forced to deny that he is dead, after having been declared dead. Chris Moyles is said to have died from an aubergine related incident, this cruel online hoax claiming he died went viral.

The hashtag “ripchrismoyles” was trending on twitter, this came after his Wikipedia page was edited to say Chris Moyles had died. It read “Died in an aubergine related incident while screaming ‘absolutely fantastic’, he then posted: ” I’m alive#moylesisrisen”.

Taylor Swift has released her seventh studio album entitled, Lover.

The review of Lover has revealed that Taylor Swift, the pop dominator wears her heart on her sleeve. Also, that its less bitter than Reputation, Lover is rumoured to have something for everyone, especially Taylor Swift’s boyfriend, some would ask, is she treading water? Lover offers plenty of evidence that Taylor Swift is just a better songwriter than any of her competitors in the upper echelons of pop, but it’s something for everyone approach feels like consolidation, not progress, designed to keep Taylor Swift as one of the world’s biggest stars without provoking the kind of backlash that led her to start evoking the end of days in her diary.

Stephen Fry has revealed that he has lost over five stone in four months. The former QI host, Stephen Fry, said he felt relieved that he had shed off the five stone since April.

The 61-year-old, Stephen Fry attributed his transformation to going on long walks coupled with eating a sensible diet. He told BBC Breakfast “I’ve lost a bit of weight so I’m feeling proud of myself, at the moment I’m very happy, there is the vertical moment and the horizontal and at the moment I’m very happy, I’m happily married”.

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