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A very good morning to you all from us here at Meditravelist, Istanbul, Turkey, time is here to share the various events happening around us.

Today we will take you to the movies, starting with the movie Glass.

Now Glass is another exquisite offering from the writer and director M. Shyalanan who is very famous for his surprise endings in his movies, in Glass, M. Night Shyalanan has switched it up in this super hero ensemble with an alternate beginning, this movie takes place in a treatment facility and most of the movie is played out in this facility, M. Night Shyalanan was quick to point out that the his intention with his movie was to have it shot in its entirety in the same location, Glass for those of you who are not familiar is a sequel to Unbreakable 2017 staring Samuel L Jackson.

Avengers Endgame ticket sales has found itself in a bit of a pickle due to them underestimating the pull of the Marvel favourite of many, Avengers Endgame pre tickets went on sale but I guess a lot of online ticket sales sights were not ready for the flooding demand so much so that online buyers found themselves in a que to acquire the coveted Avengers Endgame tickets.

Marvel has been delivering a lot with blockbuster after blockbuster, in my books Marvel movies have the strongest cinematic pull in the silver screen world at the moment making some serious bank in the process, can’t wait for the 26th of April to hit the movies for the upcoming Avengers Endgame.

Now we are going to take it straight to Ms Lori Lightfoot, a lot of you might be wondering who Ms Lori Lightfoot is, well wonder no more as we will shed light and reveal that the city of Chicago has just seen history being made by Ms Lori Lightfoot as she has been sworn in as the first ever woman of color to hold the office of Mayor of Chicago, the voters made their decision at the poles by electing the former prosecutor to be their mayor replacing Rahm Emanuel.

Ms Lightfoot who has never held elective office won on Tuesday with overwhelming ease over more well-known politicians, well done Ms Lightfoot wishing you a history changing time serving the wonderful people of Chicago.

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