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A wonderful morning to you all, hoping you have has a pleasant and restful weekend.

A big round of applause to Google for celebrating an inventor who improved public space for people with low vision, Google is celebrating and honouring Japanese inventor Seiichi Miyake who invented tactile paving, this platform is used worldwide to make public space more accessible to those who are blind or have low vision.

Seiichi Miyake’s paving was 1st created in 1965 in Japan and rolled out two years later in 1967 near the Okayama school for the blind in Okayama city.

It was then made mandatory across the country and made mandatory across Japan’s railway stations.

Seiichi Miyake’s platform then slowly made its way across the globe to help people navigate busy urban spaces.

People situated in Japan, the US, Canada, Australia, the UK and a few other countries should expect to see Miyake Doodle at the head of Google.

We move on now to Judge Jeanine Pirro who recently questioned whether a Muslim Congresswoman’s religious beliefs were compatible with the United States Constitution,  Judge Jeanine has been defended by Donald Trump,  he sent a tweet from the white house “Bring back Judge Jeanine Pirro”, the subject of Jeanine Pirro’s remarks came to the US from Somalia and is one of the 1st Muslim women elected to Congress, Ilhan Omar’s remarks about Israel’s influence on the US politics has caused controversy on both sides of the Isle.

How many of us remember the almost cultic movie Pulp fiction, well Dick Dale the pioneering musician known for 1962 hit Misirlou, the theme from Pulp Fiction has died at the age of 81, Dick Dale died on Saturday night, this was confirmed by the Dick Dale’s live bassist,  RIP Mr Dale and thank you for your contribution to Pulp Fiction.

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