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A very good morning to you all out there from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul Turkey as the weekend fast approaches its time to share news from around the world.

Today we will start with Richard Bacon, he is a former Blue Peter host, Richard Bacon has commended Piers Morgan for reaching out to his wife, while he was facing a severe lung infection that according to him “made me stare at death in the face”

Richard Bacon fell ill on a flight from Los Angeles to London in July of 2018 and he was subsequently put in an induced coma while doctors fought to save his life. Piers Morgan and Bacon had previously argued on twitter but ahead of his guest presenting role on the Good morning Britain, Bacon explained how the illness gave him a fresh perspective on life, allowing him to see the best in people such as Piers Morgan.

Bacon was quoted as saying “when you face the stark reality of death, you also see the best side of strangers and also people you may know, including Piers Morgan, who reached out to my wife and offered support”. He also went on to praise the NHS for their services during that time of illness, explaining that the system is designed to offer help to everyone which he compared to America where he lives where he says things would have turned out differently had he got sick over there.

Now on to Greta Thunberg the Swedish climate activist. Well Jeremy Corbyn’s brother has said that Greta Thunberg is an ‘ignorant brained washed child being abused by adults’, Peter Corbyn, 72, is a climate denier, he added that listening to Greta Thunberg, 16, was deranged describing her as an ignorant brainwashed child, he went on to tweet a BBC News article about the teenager’s visit to the UK telling MPs they need to listen to climate scientists.

He was also quoted saying ‘listening to an ignorant brainwashed child is deranged. I am an actual scientist of physics Meteorology, astrophysics and climate and say, Greta Thunberg is wrong and suffers mental health abuse by manipulate adults.

Piers had previously claimed that climate change is a cover up to push fuel prices up and says global warming is a hoax.

And lastly Ann Widdecombe is kicked out of the Conservatives after announcing she will stand as a Brexit Party MEP candidate.

Ann Widdecombe the former shadow Home Secretary made the explosive announcement yesterday that she would stand for the pro – Leave Brexit Party, hours later, she received a letter from the Party telling her that her membership would be cancelled.

Ann Widdecombe told the Mail ‘I was standing for the Brexit Party, so it was implicit that I was going. It’s a rule, so I knew it was coming.

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