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Good morning to all of you here from us here at Meditravelist, the time has come again to share different happenings around the world.

Who said you can’t be a multi-millionaire off YouTube, well PewDiePie has acquired his wealth through his YouTube channel and has been dubbed the YouTube king for a good long run now, unfortunately for PewDiePie this has come to an end now as he has just been dethroned by an Indian channel T Series. T Series are the new owners of the Crown this based on the number of subscribers to their channel, T Series shares Bollywood, songs, trailers and films, PewDiePie on the other hand does commentaries on video games and sketches. So, we will be watching this space very closely to see how it will all pen out for these two YouTube giants.

Justin Beiber the Canadian crooner is at it again, it’s reported that Justin Beiber posted a picture of himself and wife Hailey Baldwin clutching her stomach with a sonogram picture announcing their 1st pregnancy but it all turned out to be an April 1st joke, Justin Beiber has received a lot of backlash for this joke as it did not sit very well with a lot of his fans who had opened up about their struggles with infertility.

Marvin Gaye gave us sexual healing decades ago, a song that is still relevant today and a favourite of both young and old alike, Marvin Gaye passed away on the 1st of April 1984 but his memory lives on strong to this day. A new posthumous offering has been released featuring never heard of music, the album features 15 never heard before music from Marvin Gaye, it comes packed with 17 tracks altogether including two songs from his original album, I for one am looking forward to what promises to be a masterpiece.

To cap it up Lyft stock has taken a tumble two days after debuting on Nasdaq. Lyft is a transport network company based out of San Francisco and operating only in the United States and Canada. Lyft’s s stock share prices dropped below 72 dollars to close at 69 dollars on Monday. This has brought with it a lot of concerns regarding its profitability as it’s suffered a few losses recently even with the doubling of revenue in the same period. Lyft managed to suffer a 32% loss in 2018.

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