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A very good day to you all out there from us here at MediTRAVEList in Istanbul, Turkey 🇹🇷. We will share the three most interesting and clicked news in the UK for you, respectively. First, we will start with the news of the serious measures package taken by the Welsh government regarding COVID-19 measures, which will relieve those who struggle with great devotion in the field of NHS health. After that, we will continue with the most up-to-date sports news and then an interesting news from social life.

meditravelist iiandudno north wales ukThe Welsh government has announced that they will enter a “sharp and deep” national lockdown that will affect health, education and the economy from October 23 to November 9, despite having the lowest rate of Covid-19 cases among the four UK countries.

To prevent thousands of deaths and allow the NHS to overcome the pandemic, first minister Mark Drakeford insisted on two-week “time-limited firebreak” periods that schools, shops, bars and hotels would be closed and citizens were required to stay home.

Mark Drakeford said that it would be “a short, sharp, shock to turn back the clock, slow down the virus and buy us more time”

Primary schools will reopen after the semester break, but only Grade 7 and 8 in secondary schools will be able to return on November 9 in accordance with these newly adopted measures.

Meeting inside and outside with people who are not in your home will also be prohibited.

Mark Drakeford said that if we do not take such actions and save time for the NHS, the NHS cannot overcome this epidemic.

However, a UK government program that will cover 67% of the wages of workers at firms forced to close, which will begin on 1 November, will not be promoted to cover the lockdown in Wales.

However, following the Welsh government announcement, Boris Johnson’s spokesperson expressed the UK government’s approach as follows: “We keep all of our measures under review but the prime minister has made very clear that he doesn’t want a return to something like a national lockdown and he believes that our three-tiered approach is the right way forward”.

Wolverhampton Wanderers-LogoWolves win with a 1-0 victory at Leeds United. After losing two of their first three games of the season, Wolves scored a great success thanks to Jimenez’s goal in the 70th minute in the second half. This success moved them into sixth in the Premier League. View full Premier League table. 

david walliamsDavid Walliams is a 48-year-old comedian and most popular children’s author. He is one of the most adored stars thanks to shows like “Little Britain and Britain’s Got Talent” on television. In the latest episode of the program “Who Do You Think You Are?” on BBC One, David Walliams shared two memories of his past, causing the audience to experience emotional moments.

David Walliams learns that his great-grandfather was treated to Napsbury Military Hospital after World War I for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and then transferred to Cane Hill Hospital, where he remained for 43 years until his death (due to heart failure).

David Walliams says of this painful memory: “It’s just a very sad story. Although I think he was very well cared for later in life, it’s not something you would wish on anybody.”

The second sad story he learned and shared with his audience is that his mother’s grandfather was a blind showman who owns a funfair.

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