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Good morning world from all of us here at Meditravelist, as we bring you another edition of all the occurrences around us we will take this opportunity to make you aware of some mind blowing deals we have at Meditravelist, we have a combo deal special, Rhinoplasty & Lip Augmentation at an unbeatable €4000, it doesn’t end there as we put together a special for Women’s day with again a mind blowing €4490 on Sleeve Gastrectomy!!

Keeping it in the same celebratory mood let’s cross over to Wales and talk about St David’s Day, Welsh artist and Britain’s got talent finalist has commemorated St David’s Day by creating a portrait of Wales patron saint from a thousand real daffodils and garden bark, it took more than six hours to complete and is situated within the courtyard of St Bishop’s Palace, what a way to celebrate St David’s Day.

For all those car enthusiasts we have some great news with Tesla, well they have delivered on their promise made two years ago on the Tesla Model 3 to cut the price, so hurry up and snatch one up while stocks lasts, Tesla has limited this offer to an online -sale only in the US for $35 000 which is a far cry from the average $50 000 for a Tesla vehicle.

Onto some not so good news, Luke Perry has suffered a stroke on Wednesday in Los Angeles, Luke Perry rose to fame with the iconic Beverly Hills 90210 and has been gracing our screens with the Netflix show Riverdale, we wish you a complete and full recovery Luke Perry, jumping on to Question time tonight, we have a lot of you out there asking the question Who is on Question Time tonight, well features will be Damian Green, Lionel Shriver and Barry Gardiner also joining then around the table will be Lib Dem MP Layla Moran and German comedian Henning When, so that’s the lineup and it promises to be an interesting exchange all round on Question Time tonight with Lionel Shriver.

The world is saying goodbye to Andre Previn who passed away at the age of 89 at his new York home yesterday morning, Andre Previn was known for his Hollywood career coupled with his love for classical music, as a jazz pianist Andre Previn won 4 academy awards, well guys it’s been real thanks again for allowing us to share a few topics with you here from Meditravelist.

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