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As Google honours the memory of Sojourner Truth, we at Meditravelist celebrate 🎉 with them a wonderful human being and a trailblazer of civil rights movement in the United States of America.
We will be sending our staff to the UK 🇬🇧, they will get into the country through Heathrow Airport, it is very timely as they are all avid cyclists so thanks to the TFL having opened a cycling route between Ilford and Barking as they will be based there during their stay it’s an added bonus, they will of course pay their respects to memory of Jeremy harding who was sadly taken away by cancer at a very young age.
They will be also taking advantage of the 70% discounts at the various boots in London as its very popular with many because of the bargains you can pick up, a lot of school closings are on the way due to adverse weather conditions affecting the United Kingdom at the moment so they will be a lot of traffic in Boots due to school kids being out of school and always up for a bargain, depending on the time they might just take a short journey out of London to the city of Birmingham to take in the Leonardo da Vinci exhibition at the museum and art gallery before heading back to lovely Istanbul

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