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Welcome again to another edition of chronicles of Meditravelist Istanbul, its been a busy week and a half with us here but its not stopped us from celebrating with Olivia Colman on her Oscar win, very well deserved if you ask me. Always fun times at the Oscars, Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga have set the social media platforms ablaze with a rumoured chemistry between the two which I can only assume did not go well with Irina.

Of course the very first Arab heritage Oscar winner Rami Malek who took home the best actor gong brought a lot of celebrations across communities, Spike Lee and partners won an award for the best adapted screenplay for the Blackklansman, I personally thought it would take the best picture for 2019 but hey I guess you win some and lose some.

Lastly but not least one of my favourite actors Mahershala Ali took the well earned best supporting actor award for Green Book, worry not though amidst all the Oscar excitement we did manage to get some work done!!

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