Medical Tourism and Safety in Healthcare


The term “medical tourism” includes the activities carried out by tourists who prefer to receive the same level or better quality of health services (medical/surgical/dental/eye/cancer treatments and organ transplantation) abroad due to price advantages. Cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, dental treatments and bariatric surgery are the most common procedures preferred by medical tourists.

Even during the COVID period, Turkey has recently become extremely attractive for European countries due to its price advantages in terms of medical tourism, the advantage of proximity to their countries and experienced health workers. The Turkish Ministry of Health closely monitors healthcare providers and facilitators and tries to convenient it with European standards in order to reduce possible complications that may arise during the treatments. For this purpose, it lists the healthcare providers and facilitators authorized by the Turkish Ministry of Health on its official website and updates it periodically by adding to the list of those who can meet these standards.

In addition, the Turkish Ministry of Health strongly recommends that patients coming from abroad should not be deceived by the unauthorized healthcare providers and facilitators that they will choose because the prices are affordable, and that they should prefer the healthcare providers and facilitators in order to avoid adverse healthcare consequences that can sometimes even result in death after treatment.

The UK government has recently published a statement on this and other safety measures for its citizens on their official website ( In the post published by the UK government, it informs and warns its citizens who will go for their treatment in detail.

As Meditravelist, we recommend that patients coming from abroad carefully examine the medical tourism section of this post before planning their treatment. In this section, the UK government recommends those who will travel to Turkey for medical purposes to choose healthcare providers and facilitators approved by the Turkish Ministry of Health. You can find the list of these authorized facilitators and healthcare providers via the links shared on their website and or also by clicking the Turkish Ministry of Health logo on our homepage.

We believe that these points stated by the UK government will also be beneficial for people coming from other European countries for the same purposes.

As Meditravelist, we are among these approved and authorized facilitators. We are ready to give you the best healthcare service at affordable prices collaborating high quality healthcare providers. For more detailed information, you can examine our healthcare services and follow us on our social media accounts (@meditravelist).

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