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A very warm welcome to us here at Meditravelist, it’s that time again to delve into all the news happening around us, without further ado let’s jump straight into it starting with Olga Ladyzhenskaya the Russian born academic.

Olga Ladyzhenskaya was a very influential mathematician for that reason Google Doodle has commissioned a special artwork paying a deserved tribute to her life and legacy on Thursday marking what would have been her 97th birthday were she alive today, Olga Ladyzhenskaya’s body of work to this day continues to impact fields such as weather forecasting to date, Olga Ladyzhenskaya was born in Kilogriv, Soviet Russia and had to overcome both personal and political obstacles throughout her career which saw her author 250 papers.

Now for those not aware today marks world book day, this day sees a lot of parents clamouring and children alike preparing all sorts of creative costumes homemade for the World Book Day, this day is has been designed to bring children closer to the books they love but also serve to help them discover countless other books out there, schools across the country aid with discount book tokens and an array of cheap children’s books to celebrate World book day, children are having a field day as they get to dress as some of their favourite book characters.

R Kelly ‘s world is tumbling down around him, like the saying goes , it never rain but it pours, the musician who was on bail to the tune of $100 000, which took some doing to put together but thanks to a fan and female friend who runs a child care facility, now R Kelly has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse to which he made bail but unpaid child support to the tune of $161 000 , until R Kelly pays that amount in back child support he will not be released from jail, with his finances all over the place we are not sure exactly how this is going to pen out , we will keep you posted whichever way it happens.

On to Champions league, well Manchester United and Tottenham have made it to the quarter finals, there is a lot of speculation that the two English teams might face each other, the draw for the Champions league will be held in Nyon Switzerland on the 15th of March, PGS versus Manchester United match on Wednesday night made us aware of what Solskjaer has brought to Manchester United since replacing Jose Mourinho, he has given youth a chance and has invested the belief needed to produce dramatic moments like the one in Paris on Wednesday night with Manchester United leading 3 -1 it was cause for celebrating and an incredible comeback after the odds were stacked against united.

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