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Good morning to all of you out there in the world from us here at Meditravelist in Istanbul, Turkey, it’s that time again when we share some news with you guys out there.

Today we will begin with Powerbeats Pros, these in my opinion will give Apple Ear Pods a good run for their money and I predict they will prove to be more popular as this is most significant release from Beats by Dre in a while, although Apple acquired Beats by Dre, Beats by Dre still operates independently with some help on the techy side of the game, as is being said the Powerbeats Pro are being a likened to the cool cousin who shows up to the party late, in that scenario the party is the totally independent wireless earphones.

Powerbeats Pro will be launched in May and they are rumoured to offer more improved things like, they fit better in the ear, they shut out outside noise much better just to name a few advantages of the Powerbeats Pros, Apple will be retailing them at 249.95 Dollars, the general feeling is that they are going to be more compelling than the Apple Airpods.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin appeared in court on charges involving paying college officials to cheat on SATs.

Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin are actresses and have been in various roles over the years, theatre, TV and movies, they have both had a steady flow of work over the years, now in light of the said scandal they have been dropped by their employers after being charged with conspiring to bribe, cheat and faking credentials to get their students into elite universities, Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman have been charged alongside 31 other parents. Parents are expressing outrage at this behaviour from these individuals practises and they are being sues for a hefty 500 billion, yes you got that right 500 billion, time will tell how all this will turn out.

Google is at it again with honouring Hugh Masekela.

He is known as the father of South African jazz and a legend in so many rights.

Hugh Masekela was a trumpeter and band leader who sadly left us on January 23rd 2018, this would have been his 80th birthday, so Google Doodle is honouring Mr Hugh Masekela to celebrate his memory and many accomplishments which are more than deserved, his birthday Doodle is available in South Africa, United States, United Kingdom and various other countries, it is also being marked on social media with #HughMasekela80th hashtag.

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